Moms for Liberty’s Book Roundup!  Upcoming, Appropriate Books for Children

That Little Weirdo Next Door

 Tommy, the little boy next door, likes sparkly things and show tunes. What is the best way to shame and shun him? An accessible, step-by-step guide for kids.

Bye-bye! Easy as Pie!

It’s easy for little ones to detect a foreign accent—and just as easy to turn those illegals over to the immigration authorities. A basic primer with lots of illustrations of funny-looking people eating strange food and wearing wacky clothes.

Let’s All Play Smear the Queer

A breezy book that’s jam-packed with engaging drawings that instruct elementary school students on the ins and outs of “Smear the Queer”—and the important life lessons this game offers. A wonderful intro to a world of fun before the communistic woke crowd ruined everything.

Old Mr. Cohen

Old Mr. Cohen lives on the block. He’s a kindly old man with a twinkle in his eye. Mr. Cohen is beloved by the neighborhood kids for his jokes and riddles. Little Johnny and Tiffany explain to Mr. Cohen that because he is a Jew, he and his whole family will burn in hell for all eternity.

Happy reading! Stop the steal!