May 2024

Who By Fire? The Burning of Rafah’s Tent People

You Can’t Turn Back the Clock on Genocide: “Easily 200,000 Deaths in Gaza.”

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Mass Media, Social Media, and the New Civil War

“Deadly Force” Controversy Destroys Trump’s Immunity Argument

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The Unfinished Journey of Palestinian Statehood

Mapping the Parallels of US Conflict: From Vietnam to the War on China

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Peace No More: A Prayer

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Ukraine: Still Not the Good War

Electoral Outcome Means a Worrying Future for South Africa 

Goodbye Oil & Gas – Hello Thermal Bricks

In Praise of MoMA

“Kids These Days”: Ending the American Tradition of Demonizing the Young

How Prehistoric Humans Discovered Fire Making 

Prescribed Burning: an Overrated Strategy

Lethal Workplaces: Deaths on the Job Continue

Why Are We Kafkaesque?

Tower of Power

Red Flags Over the Supreme Court

Irish American Punk Musician Mat Callahan Takes Deep Dive into Black American Music and Song 

Animals Self-Medicate With Plants, Behavior People Have Observed and Emulated for Millennia

Donald Trump and the Uses of Violence

Architecture of Cities: Realities

‘Not One Cent of Canadian Tax-Dollars Should be Funding Genocide’

Being A Spectator, or Bearing Witness

Creating an All-American Homeland Security Campus

Newsflash:  Inequality in Neoliberal America

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Willfully Ignorant

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The 49th Parallel: A New Rubicon for Democracy

Letter From Khartoum

Campus Protests are Part of an Enduring Legacy of Civil Disobedience Improving American Democracy

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Porto Alegre Floods and the Failure of the Minimal State

Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism Today

U.S. Christian Money Funds African Homophobia

Biden’s Empty Christianity

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