It Ain’t Over Till the Fascist Lady Sings

Image Source: DonkeyHotey – CC BY 2.0

All the horror and violence going on in the world right now…the continued slaughter in Gaza and the seeming numbness to it that most Americans display—what do we truly need to fully exacerbate the miserable situation into the stratosphere? Who can we turn to for continued disinformation, callous disregard for life and the always successful liberal ideological weaponization of feminism? Of course, you know who I’m speaking of. Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Amber Ruffin — Carpool Karaoke: The Series — Apple TV+ Preview ( No, it ain’t over till that fascist lady sings.

Recently, Hillary Clinton (you might recognize her name; she’s the fail-wife who managed to lose a presidential election to a venom-spewing, bloated, sex-offending huckster– almost enough to make one think that the practice of fixing Democratic party primaries might be bad practice if you want to win).  Anyway, like the proverbial groundhog emerging to see or not see its shadow, Hillary emerges periodically to announce if current events are anti-woman or not. You see, she’s the self-appointed expert to let us know these things, but weirdly enough her decrees always fall on the side of oppressors and apologists. It’s just coincidence, of course, that all things in the world that harm women are done by those in the way of hegemony. This Goldwater Girl knows oppression when she sees it and oh how she fucking loves it.

Recently Clinton has added her voice to the concerns regarding Hamas-led rapes that early day in October. “We must respond to weaponized sexual violence wherever it happens.” This is from the woman “deeply concerned” about widespread rape in Libya by Gaddafi troops, even going so far as to say she was concerned about “virginity tests”. Her state department spoke of Viagra-fueled soldiers seemingly turned into rape machines. Now I ask you….does any of this ever pass the sniff test (let alone the virginity test)? There’s the fact that Clinton is all over any nebulous testimony that sides with US-backed governments (or with rebels being advanced by the United States), repeating and giving salacious details. Then she conveniently ignores reports from UN independent experts affiliated with the UN Human Rights Council alleging “egregious human rights violations” with “credible” allegations of execution and sexual assault against Palestinians in Gaza. The accusations in Libya largely fell apart, but not before Gaddafi’s lower GI tract also fell apart from sodomy by knife during the coup, a sexual murder that Clinton treated with this level of respect: “We came, we saw, he died”. Who is the ghoul celebrating depravity and violence in this? Coincidentally many of Gaddafi’s plans to unify Africa under shared economic plans and to continue implementing social welfare systems that propelled Libya to Africa’s wealthiest nation were thwarted. Now it’s a hell-hole with I’m sure–serious sexual violence problems along with generalized US-exported misery. But thank Goddess Hillary was there to warn us about the fever-dream-concocted-Libya-Viagra sprees (only $20.95 with GoodRx coupon for 30 pills, discount for mass troop use, just use coupon code MASSRAPE). It sounds ridiculous because it is.

So she’s back at it again, throwing largely unsupported allegations at the oppressed. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the oppressed in these situations have never perpetrated a criminal sexual violence act. It’s just that the widespread tales of October 7 sexual violence seem to largely fall apart on scrutiny and the fact that a very precise attack and gathering of hostages to use as barter would not lend itself to the types of stories coming out from Israeli hasbara accounts. It’s been used throughout the Israeli government playbook. If you can’t get decent people on your side with the truth of your situation, then play on their emotions with a trope that will get them going. It’s why Disney kills off the moms as a backstory as the primary narrative device in their tales. It’s lazy bullshit, Disney writers and also the Israeli government. We all have pushable buttons and the indecent  (ie Hillary Clinton), have no qualms to disingenuously activate them.

The fact that Palestinians have been murdered, displaced, contained and stolen from is the lede in this story. It’s been their history since Great Britain got into the daddy business of giving away other people’s land–even before WWII consequences were a twinkle in the eye of the Treaty of Versailles. The events of the last few months seem to be along the lines of….. let’s use this plan we have already mapped out against that Palestinian problem at this rather advantageous time–PR wise. The problem being “Are they still here?!”

The egregious and very visible human rights catastrophe continues unabated with no response from Clinton or her ilk. Clinton even went so far as to dismiss concerns about disproportionate child/civilian deaths indicating that this sort of thing just happens in war. The LA Times ran a piece from American physician Irfan Galaria who went to Gaza for a time to serve and help with the massive civilian casualties. Among other atrocities, she reported seeing 5-8-year-olds with bullets in their heads being brought in by their parents. She said none of those children could be saved. I ask this… do multiple children end up with sniper wounds as a simply accidental casualty in war? The unthinkable cruelty in shooting a child but leaving a parent—in sheer brutality, it’s about as bad as it gets. I’d even venture to say doing this in front of the kid’s mom might be a little……un-feminist. Hillary has no comment on these sorts of things though. I assume she is preparing a statement that someone in Hamas targeted a factory making IDF girl power soldier Happy Meal toys. Or maybe she is just preparing another war crime of her own (like that singing video).

The attempts to paint the oppressed as brutal savages continue with Clinton and her opportunistic political class allies. People like Tennessee Congressman Andy Ogles. He was asked about the situation and he responded “Kill them all…everybody in Hamas”. Alarming when you consider that all Palestinians are being painted as members of Hamas. Even children born well after any type of elections in the area. And also not to mention that Hamas is designated a political movement, as stated by Martin Griffiths, the UN under-secretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator—you know, a real hot-head type. He said “Hamas is not a terrorist group for us….it’s a political movement.” We need to consider if we were under occupation what would we do in terms of resistance? The preferred method for the Israeli government is for the oppressed to simply just go away: die/relocate/starve—whatever, but get out of the way.

Certainly, this dehumanization works. But you still have to be careful, lest you lose the imaginary moral high-ground. Israeli army chief of Staff Herzi Halevi has had to ask soldiers to stop sharing and filming IDF “revenge videos”. Mind you, he didn’t say “stop with the atrocities” it was more of a just don’t share. “Umm, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and not film, that would be great mm-kay”.

But I am sorry to bring up Hillary again–it’s just that she pops up just when you think she’s gone for good. I guess that pushes my buttons. The stolen valor-esque methods she uses, ignoring truly heinous conditions for women and perpetrating the ongoing oppression for so many. She’s the Klan in a rainbow sheet. Not to mention she has a lot more free time for this shit now that Kissinger is dead and she no longer can fellate his foreign policy directly (although I wouldn’t rule out she is in possession of his corpse continuing the same on the lifeless husk).

All we can do is feel empathy for those on any side who suffer violence, but to never let the manipulators distract us from the wholeness of truth and that humanity demands to be free of the yokes of colonialism and subjugation. Clowns like Clinton need to be seen for what they are. Violence craved manipulators, you know….morons.

Kathleen Wallace writes out of the US Midwest. Her writing is collected on her Substack page.