Did the Iranians Bomb Themselves, Too?

Photograph Source: Mehr News Agency – CC BY 4.0

Will any Western media admit that Israeli and U.S. intelligence bombed an event commemorating the 4th anniversary of the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani in Tehran yesterday? How can we be sure who it was? Who has murdered all of the Iranian Nuclear Scientists to maintain a monopoly over nuclear weapons in Western Asia? Who murders children and families relentlessly in Gaza? Who thinks they are invincible and are “the chosen people,” surrounded by “savage Indians?” Whose Department of Defense spends $1.52 Trillion per year? Who has 2,000 nuclear warheads? Who has over 5,000 nuclear weapons? Who kept ISI*S on a short leash? Who bombed at least 3 countries in the region to sabotage their nuclear reactors? Who has waged terrorist attacks in Beirut, Baghdad, Sana’a and across the world, with absolute impunity? Who thinks they are the Gods of the Earth, Wind and Moon? Why were we punished on social media when we mentioned the terrorist attack on General Soleimani? How come ISIS never attacked Israel? Who bombed over 5,000,000 Koreans into the craters of the earth until no building was standing, and Korea was divided? Who has waged a Hybrid War and blockaded Iran since 1979? Who bombs, sanctions and invades whenever, whoever, wherever they want? How did a ragtag, half-starved, blockaded, occupied group of Apache kids sneak out of the concentration camp and strike the colonizer?

Who waged an anti-Russian coup in Kyiv in 2014 and has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to wage a proxy war in Ukraine until the last dead Ukrainian? Who invents boogeymen and controls your mind? In 2020, who murdered Gen. Soleimani, the slayer of ISIS and the most popular unifying general of the region? Who is drooling to draw Iran into a regional war so they destroy this ancient civilization as they have Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Yemen and Afghanistan? Who lies to you everyday on CNN and Fox? If this is not fascism, what is it? Whose media has never said one positive word about the Palestinian nation? If this is not a Genocide, what is it? Can Nazis ever emerge from Nazism to see themselves as Nazis? How come ISIS only attacks Muslims? Why did ISIS apologize when they fired at Israeli troops in the Golan Heights? Why is the West obsessed with “Sunni-Shiite hatred” when no one in the Arab world talks about this? Why did Western colonizers introduce tribal and national differences when they never existed in Africa and the Middle East? Who offers a fascistic form of magic realism and censors accounts for breakfast, cancels actors for lunch and eats Palestinian children for dinner? Who has been bombing the Global South since the 1890’s? Who promotes Islamophobia so we doubt our own common sense? Who accuses who of bombing their own hospitals? Has the world ever seen such a bully? Whose religion is money? Why do they label you “anti-Semitic” when the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Revolutionary Yiddishland and Abram Leon’s courage give you goosebumps?

Has Frankenstein outgrown his master? Who drives trucks around Cambridge and Manhattan with young, oppressed, Arab women’s faces on them in order to intimidate them? Who obliterated their own language in order to invent a modern version of an ancient tongue? Who thinks they are hated by the world, but hates the world? Who starved and destroyed life in Yemen for the past decade? Who claims a superstitious relationship to unrelated ancestors? Why do they censor so many words, like “Genocide, Zionist, Extermination and Decolonize?” Who fled Europe because of European savagery, only to become agents of this precise white man’s savagery? Who never read James Baldwin? Why are they so obsessed with Hamas when they helped support Hamas in 1987 to drive a wedge in the united leadership of the Palestinian Liberation Organization? Have you ever seen so many Biden-voting cowards in your life? Who will vote for one of two genocidal candidates in 10 months? Why do we have to write like this: “Stop the Ge n * c Id e. Zi1o9n4i8sm is a ge7n5ocidal disease?” Whose neighbors despise their colonial arrogance? Who are the punks who hide in the sky in F-16 jets and hide behind entire TV networks that masquerade as democratic?

Who dropped 6,000,000 tons of napalm and chemical agents on the Vietnamese peasantry? Who intimidates you, making you betray your own “principles?” Who sicced rabid dogs on you and your family in Ramallah, Alabama? Who practiced the lynching of Black America as a sport? Who took photographs at these Georgia festivals? Who goes to TikTok to make fun of the lynched, bombed and starved Palestinians? Who lives 12 miles from the Gaza Genocide, goes to techno parties at night and sleeps soundly? Why do you hate and exterminate life? Is there a word more evil than Zionism? Could anyone be more decrepit than Genocide Joe? Who destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Libya and Syria? Who invented the United Nations and Israel in the same years to ignore and disempower one and Frankenstein and nuclearize the other? How come your liberal friends never call you back when you are trying to have the Genocide Birds and the Bees talk? How come they are offended by the lead banner at the march which said “Palestine will be Free By any means necessary?” How come the Obama voters disrespect Malcolm?

How come the colonizer complains about the threat of a looming genocide as the bloodlines of the colonized die out? Who denies Palestinians are a people? Who slaps, humiliates and imprisons Palestinians for colonial kicks? Who has overinflated by one thousand the striking capacity of Hamas? What Israeli or American would be brave enough to walk through Gaza to smell the scent of gen*c^de? Who is high off war and drunk off sadistic pornography? Who has not read Frantz Fanon and Albert Memmi? Who did Martin Luther King call “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world?“ Whose bombs left little girls deaf in Panama and little boys limbless in Grenada? Whose colonialism has defuturized the Congo and Sudan? Who lied about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, “beheaded babies” in Occupied Palestine, “viagra-fueled” militias in Libya and disconnecting “babies from incubators” in Kuwait? Who fires college presidents for being tepid liberals who still have a morsel of moral resolve and critical thought left from their Ivy League training? Who is the greatest threat to Jewish safety in the world? Who laid the Zionist Death Trap? Who tells the entire Global South that their money is worth a fraction of the Almighty U.S. dollar, British pound and neocolonial Euro?

What 14 capitalist countries waged the “Iran-Iraq war,” selling weapons to both sides and bleeding both countries of hundreds of thousands of lives? Who feigns concern for Tibet, the Uighers, Hong Kong and Taiwan so they can Iraqize, Libyize and Syriaize the mighty Asian colossus? Who is in bed with 20,000 perverse princes of Wahhabism and medieval darkness in Saudi Arabia? Whose military blockades one-third of the world’s people, relegating them to hunger and dependency? Whose liberals care more about policing language than indigenous life? Who never read WEB Du Bois nor Claudia Jones? Who are the punks who prey upon children? Who brought those white people to the Middle East? Who are citizens “of the most powerful country in the world, a country which stands upon the wrong side of every liberation struggle on earth?” Who has dumped upwards of 1,000,000 guns in Haiti and smuggled half a million to Mexico? Who has no anti-colonial training? Who treats their Doberman pinschers better than their neighbors? Who raises nickels for immigrants as they create entire nations of refugees? Whose economy ticks to the pulverization of native bones? Who is a historical model of apartheid? Who burns books, libraries and the elderly?

Who coups wherever they want? Who attacks college students, college professors and college presidents? Whose favorite bleeding hearts cry over the threat of fascism every day, as they perfect the craft? Which empire has been more global and wicked in history? Whose entire ethos is based on greed? Who treads on our fake 1st Amendment Rights? Why does a Rabbi own pornhub? Whose Secretary of State engages in Shuttle Genocide Diplomacy? Whose politicians promise to eradicate indigenous people and receive more U.S. weaponry? Whose hearts are full of hatred and Orientalism? What was Revolutionary Yiddishland and what was the human material made out of who transcended pogroms and resisted barbarism? Who is the biggest terrorist since Hitler? How stupid do they think we are? Who will stop this gen*c^cal madness? Who has half a billion Arabs, 2 billion Muslims and 8 billion human beings trembling in sync with the children of Gaza? Who are you? What role do you play?