She is the Best

She is the best
Best like her mother
The best sniper

Journalists, tourists, students
Waiting for
The happening of the week

She can see them clearly,
A few hundred meters away
Behind the barbered fence

Israel here
Gaza on the other side
They came early today
Lined up along the fence
Old, young, women, children, men

She can see their faces
They have no arms
Only Palestinian flags

A student with his sister
A mother with her son
A man with his mother


She gives it a few minutes extra
She has not yet decided
Old or young, women or man

Last week she went for a young man
It did not help
They are coming back

She is the best,

She is in total control
No threats
Like a computer game
She sees her coming.

The woman is not in the front,
A bit behind
The sniper girl has made up her mind
This evening
A child will miss her mother

This evening
The sniper girl
Will still be the best

Best, like her mother

Mats Svensson’s new book, Apartheid is a Crime: Portrats of Israeli Occupation will be published in the USA on January 6, 2020.