December 2023

Arun Gupta

The Legal Fight to End Genocide in Gaza

Some Thoughts on American Cinema of the 2000s

Genocide on the Installment Plan

Dead End: Israel Gets Lost in Gaza

Joe Biden and Dorothea Lange: Politics and Art Revealed!

The Moral Injuries of Witnessing Genocide

From Taser Face to the Goon Squad: the Year in Police Crime

‘We Will Come to You in a Roaring Flood’: The Untold Story of the October 7 Attacks 

The Teamster Connection: Apartheid Israel and the IBT

A Danger of Contagion: How the War on Palestinians Threatens the Entire World

Congressional Nincompoops Saddle the U.S. with NATO Forever

Adolph Trump and Genocide Joe: Race, Blood, Vermin, and Weimar

Alaska’s Scary Orange Rivers

Echoes of Dostoevsky: An Appeal Against Alabama’s Deadly Experiment

Bombing Gaza–Disturbing Comparisons with Vietnam

Unilateral Coercive Measures and Human Rights

Israel’s War Spending

Globalization is Crumbling: Time for Domestic Self-Sufficiency in 2024

Guatemala and El Salvador: the Contradictions of International Support

Harvey Weinstein and Steven Spielberg’s Black Men are “Soulless Monsters”

Venezuela 2023: Oil and Water and Untelevised Revolution

The Legal Merits of Trump’s Claim of Presidential Immunity

2023—Darkness at the Break of Noon

Israel’s War on Children is a Symptom of a Civilization Built on Trauma

How a Slave Trader’s Hymn Became a Global Anthem

Godspeed to George William Cooper, Activist and Purveyor of Kindness

Hip Hop at 50: From Subculture to the Mainstream

The Winter Without Snow – A Wake-Up Call

Architecture of Cities: the World Chasing the Light

Sound Grammar: the 10 Best Albums of 2023

The Corporate University in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

ESA at 50: Celebrating the Nation’s Most Effective Environmental Law

Sleep Now in the Fire: the Year in Climate

Born in Gaza

Gaza, a Ravaged Land, and People

War and “Democracy”: An Appeal to Self-Interest

The First Fundamental Change to Money in Two Millennia

Contrasting Strategies of the US and China

President Biden: Learn the Names of Children You’ve Helped Israel to Murder

Letter from Alkebulan: Obscured by Clouds

Red Sea Deployments: Canberra Says No

Trump Crosses the Lines

For Gaza on Christmas

U.S. Must Find a Better Solution for Migrants

Why the Grayling is Going Extinct

War, the Opulence of “Maestro,” and Crass Materialism

The Walgreens Factor

Dehumanizing Palestinians

Over 100 Journalists Killed in Less Than Three Months