November 2023

Coming to Terms with a Lifetime of Trauma While in Prison

The British Parliament Votes for Genocide as the British People Demand a Ceasefire

Sunak’s Dad’s Army Option

The Carnage in Gaza Cries Out for Repudiation and Opposition. Maybe Poetry Can Help.

The Biden-Xi Meeting: A fable of the Scorpion and the Frog

Genocide of Palestinians by Israel, one of World’s Most Militarized Countries, No Surprise 

Behold All These Collegiate Anti-Semites

I Help Seniors Get Health Care. Shouldn’t I be Able to Afford My Own?

The Supreme Court’s New “Code of Conduct” Is About Appearances, Not About Ethics

Return to Bosnia-Herzegovina: Martin Bell’s War

Majority of Black Men Prefer Trump. Suicide By Vote?

Palestine Genocide: Regressive Response from Major Mental Health Organizations

To Stop the Fighting in Gaza, the Street Maybe the Only Place Left to Go

The Thrill of the Now

Worries from a Major Auto Dealer About All Electric Cars

Alliance asks Forest Service to Close Bison Hunting Area Next to Yellowstone National Park Before Someone Gets Killed

The Architecture of Cities: the World

Ritual Slaughter: Still Criticized… and Supported

Anger Makes Me a Modern Girl: Weaponizing PTSD in an Age of Global Injustice

Grief and Hope in Face of the Failing Human Project

Tourism and Its Discontents. The Case of Venice

Should We be Worried About the Deficit Now?

The Power of Human Solidarity

Hellas in the Mediterranean World

The Ghosts of Waco Still Haunt America

The Israeli Attack on Palestinian Health Workers in Gaza and the Failure of the American Medical Association

For Bioregional Cooperation: an Interview With Mike Garrity of Alliance for the Wild Rockies

Israeli War Crimes and Propaganda Follow US Blueprint

The Pentagon Proclaims Failure in its War on Terror in Africa

The Militarised University: Where Secrecy Goes to Thrive

“It Can’t Happen Here”… If We Stop It

Our Richest Can Move to Avoid Taxes, But Can They Hide?

The Hidden Script of Capitalism

Sino-American Relations: Breaking the Gordian Knot

The Dann Sisters Blazed an Anti-Nuclear Trail

The Long View of Palestine, Israel and War

The Huge Paradox at Biden’s Summit of Latin American Leaders

November Events, Past and Present

Serial Abuse of ‘Antisemitism’ Destroys Meaning, Harms Jews

Letter from London: Friends Old and New

We Need More State Climate Corps Jobs Open to More Young People

Maine Stands with Palestine

Rashid Khalidi

Why is Israel Bombing Gaza Hospitals and Ambulances? It’s All About “Winning”

Incurable (?) US Schizophrenia About China

Longing For Peace and Justice

As the Death Toll Rises, So Does the Profits of Arms Manufacturers

Foolish Exclusions: China and the Bletchley Declaration on AI

Israel, the United States, Palestine and Genocide 

The Two-State Solution for Palestine Has Long Been a “Joke” Even In United Nations Circles