October 2023

Slaughter of the American Buffalo

Disruption of Power Begins In the (Most) Local

Corporate Executives Face Prison Time for Putting Profits Above Worker Safety

GDP Grew at 4.9 Percent in the Third Quarter, While Inflation Slowed Further

Good and Evil in the Age of Memes

Semiquin- and Sesqui-centennials: Bach and the Catskill Golden Spike

Tracing the Imperial Contagion of Terrorism from 9/11 to Gaza

The Architecture of Cities: the World

If You Love Nuclear Energy, Then You Love Nuclear Weapons

The Everyday Violence of Life in Occupied Palestine

‘Human Animals’: The Sordid Language behind Israel’s Genocide in Gaza 

Gaza Hospital Massacre and the Marketing of Israeli lies

Justifying Collective Punishment: Israel’s Assault on Gaza

US Intervenes as Indigenous Guatemalans Back President-elect Arévalo

Increased Melting of West Antarctic Ice Shelves May be Unavoidable

Let’s Ditch the Binaries and Join the ‘All of Humanity’ Club

Another Attempt at Net Neutrality

The Doubtful Future of the American Experiment

Atrocities vs. Israeli and U.S. Propaganda

Will Grizzly Bears be Getting Enough to Eat?

An Australian Referendum: “Legalized Lawlessness”

Israel’s Kristallnacht

Letter From London: Trauma and Resilience

Hot Times in the Caldera

When Accusations of Anti-Semitism Become a Tool of Repression

Statement on Gaza

An Obvious Reason Why “They” Might “Hate Our Freedoms”

How Two-Tier Wage Systems Cheat and Divide Workers

Right-Wing Myths: From America First to The Lost Cause

Unsettling Thoughts

Peace Means Embracing What We Fear

Jim Jordan is Not the Man for the Job

Scientists Pursue Climate Activism Despite Violent Threats

Amid Discouraging Inequality Data, Some Signs of Hope

Our Moral Flat-Eartherism

Mayan Seeds Against Feminist Monoculture

Cultural Cover-Up: The Sydney Opera House Turns 50

Hamas is a Terrorist Organization. So is the Israeli Government.

Chicago’s Jim Gardiner is No Friend of Palestine

Coming to Terms With Our Grief for the World

Drugs Are Cheap, Government-Granted Patent Monopolies Make Them Expensive

Let Us Now Praise the Food Stamp Plan

Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt

Gaza Besieged: Why Israel’s Genocidal Strategy Won’t Destroy the Palestinian Resistance

Biden Returns From Israel Empty-Handed

Israel’s Role in Hamas’ Creation and its Retaliatory Genocide in Gaza

Alabama to Subject Death Row Spiritual Advisors to Nitrogen Gas Risks

Rambo’s Pacific Peace Zone

No Business as Usual at Rally in Solidarity with Gaza – Federal Building Temporarily Shut Down in San Francisco

In our thousands, in our millions, we are all Palestinians