The Rabidly Bitten and Rabidly Biting Pathology of Exceptionalism

Image Source: George Fleming – CC BY 2.0

When a predatory animal is rabidly infected, they have a period of increased tendency toward viciousness and this is one of the chief means by which the disease can spread. The victims often become the purveyors to others. The spreaders of the disease are soon its victims. It is a horrible, deadly cycle. 

There seems to be considerable similarity between rabid animals and those who promote the use of horrible violence as proudly righteous behavior. This assessment became unavoidable to me as I learned of Israeli officials and others describing all Palestinians as indistinguishable from Hamas and that they are all “subhuman” animals and that these so-called subhumans deserve to be totally extinguished. This is the same way the Nazis described the Jewish people. Their brains are obviously perverted by the same infection of what might be called a rabid sense of exceptionalism which destroys their the ability to reflect upon or contemplate the glaring similarity between all people who try to justify horrific violence. Even worse is the fact that the escalation of horrors is also proudly celebrated. In a truly decent society this delusional insanity would be portrayed as nothing more than shameful and sick. As it is, it seems the trials at Nuremberg have been overturned and reduced to a waste of time and all of the victims of the “World Wars” can be ignored because the claim that some societies are deserving of elimination is now, once again, commonly promoted as a delusionally supposed respectable standard for governments to pursue.

The promoters of religiously nationalized egregious horrors always seem to excuse their unleashing of bloodlust as “defensive.” This is a key component of this all too commonly recurring pathology. The illusion of achieving a prejudicial island of “security” is another chronically preferred symptom of greater mental and spiritual degradation.

It is unsurprisingly and deadenly typical that the rabidly roving packs of religious and corporatized warmongering and deceits would opportunistically seek to use one horror which they have long supported in order to expand another horror which they diseasedly promulgate as if it is divinely beatific. They seem to need to make it imperative that political manipulations and the plunder of resources be expanded in their territorial assaults as they seemingly instinctively, repeatedly, relish greater horrors. A snarling nip is directed at anyone in the pack who emits the least whimper of hesitation. The most rabid tend to have the loudest voices and proudly exhibit their blood-stained teeth with greater frequency. In their debauched, infected minds the gnashing, snarling, and howling are heard to be the voices of some heavenly choir of angels and, when they snarl and bite at those who are weaker, they insist it is for the glorification of the species. The idea of defusing the hostilities is treated as if it is perniciously beneath contempt, much less worthy of consideration.

The chief howl of the packs is “you’re either with us or against us!” This is usually attended by a snarling smugness which tries to portray those they seek to eliminate as belonging to a perverse subspecies. These vocalized deceits almost always come from all sides of each territorial assault with the understanding that the purported holiest of truths is only to be found through domination by and submission to the reigning claims of exceptionalism. Meanwhile, the real truth and history are opportunistically widely ignored, misinterpreted, loathed, dreaded, and/or rejected, depending upon which posture(s) is/are currently most advantageous to each participant.

The most clever of the rabid members of these packs however are often not the loudest or the ones who most boastfully display their own bloody teeth. The most clever have the ability to use their seemingly friendly eyes and calmer voices and the receptive eyes and ears of their supporters to reinforce the howls, snarls, gnashing, and puncturing of flesh while giving the impression that they are commiserating with their some of their victims’ feelings of insecurity. They are able to appear earnestly calm and composed while relaying visual messages signaling a (false) connectivity and consciousness to give greater numbers of the packs’ members just enough confidence to submit and continue in the disease driven assaults. A deviously deceiving display which falsely appears to combine attitudes of confidence and considerateness is one of the greatest symptoms which manifest and maintains the state of rabidity within the packs.

In the current escalation of destruction and viciousness in Israel and Gaza, the overwhelming majority of the rabid pack known as the government of the United States of America – quickly and unquestioningly – endorsed whatever the majority leadership of the largely rabid pack known as the government of Israel wanted to do in response to the attack by some of the rabid members of the pack known as the government of Hamas. Whatever schemes of horrific assaults the Israeli pack might seek as being a justified response was emphatically endorsed beforehand. Any doubts or questioning of the promoted likelihood of a bloodbath would/will be treated as indicative of the perversity of the doubters. History be damned.

Then, the rabid leadership of the USA pack realized that they could help unleash more rabidity by the majority of the pack known as the government of Ukraine by connecting its support to the rabidity of Israel’s future assaults. The rabidity of the Ukraine pack against the rabidity of the majority of the pack known as the government of Russia was losing strength in the diseased minds of the USA pack. To the USA pack’s rabid leaders, the snarling viciousness surrounding/engulfing Israel presented another glorious opportunity for the revitalization of the wearying pack in the USA so that they could achieve another surge of glorious, sacred rabidity on a wider territory.

In order to make the most of this opportunity, the unified neoliberal/neoconservative loud snarling rabidity of Lindsey Graham and that of Nikki Haley is reinforced by the deviously calmer rabidity of the Biden administration and its compliant pack members in what will become another one of the greatest displays of flesh shredding disease promotion of recent times. There is widespread belief that spreading the delusional, nationalist bloodlust infection is a vital source of pride. Like any other experiment in Gain of Function, the obvious inherent dangers are of less concern than is the diseasedly twisted belief that enabling increased toxicity can be a handy tool for greater global domination. These experiments in horrific violence have never helped to develop a lasting pack immunity to the initiation of horrors. The opposite – a greater likelihood of initiating more horrors – seems to be the rule.

As the rabidity spreads, all of the species will likely experience some symptoms. Pathetically, it seems there is no glorious kennel for the dogs of war where infiltration by the disease of exceptionalism will be preventable and, beyond that rigorously maintained great lacking and laxity, the idea of a security through strength in numbers only seems to provoke competition for the delusionally supposed advantages to be gained from the spread of the disease.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of this pathology is the development of an affinity for monarchies, militant tyrants, and dictators. Not only are the infected drawn to these predatory authoritarians, but they hypocritically and simultaneously insist that they are opposed to such predators and their rampant injustices while they subserviently work to give them greater and greater support in money and weaponry to help protect their abusive intolerance and arrogance.

The perversity of proud, unquestioning support for greater violence reduces us all and reduces the likelihood of our only hope – the rise of wider feelings of connectedness and an accompanying awareness that pride is shameful. Promoting the perverse notion that shame is unwarranted when pushing for greater violence seems all too frequently to be embraced – whether consciously or unconsciously – as an essential characteristic of humanity. The cynicism engendered within this belief is nothing more than a guarantee of more displays of hypocrisy and of greater degradations.

I suppose it is hardly surprising that this sickness is so widespread when you consider the fact that each of the religions of Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam (and possibly others) all include a belief in a destiny which culminates in the most horrific war of all time and it is widely expected and believed that this projected future full of horrors will be the most glorious time of all of human history. We are told that an all-powerful “god” ultimately needs horrifying bloodlust in order to correct what they themselves created. 

It’s no wonder politicians and their supporters might see the creation of so much horror as something to proudly encourage. While it has been said that cleanliness is next to godliness, it appears as if the regularity of human demands for gruesome filthiness and violations of the purported laws of their god are widely assumed to be even closer to what the perpetrators see as sacramental. They tend to be highly skilled at getting others to do their dirtiest work so that they can pretend their hands had little or nothing to do with the horrors they unleash.