The United States of Taking Liberties

Dianne Feinstein was born in 1933. In a less than inspirational way, her life seems to have encapsulated how we humans tend to move out of a time of great distress and upheaval by implementing restrictions on our behavior (in the desire to behave responsibly) and then, over a period of many years, we find ourselves recreating, promoting, and celebrating the very behaviors which we sought to eliminate 90 years before. In essence, we humans seem unable to resist the perverse allure of liberating avaricious self-aggrandizement within a lifetime whose early years were marked by widespread proof that we need to have self-restrictions for the benefit of us all.

1933 was a year of many extraordinary events. The following is merely a tiny hint of some of them.

Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

The “concentration camp” at Dauchau was created.

Franklin D, Roosevelt moved into the White House and his administration began implementing a wide array of programs and laws that pushed back against the corrupt libertine excesses that caused the “Great” Depression.

The Glass-Steagall act imposed necessary restrictions on bankers.

The Civilian Conservation Corps was created.

Francis Everett Townsend designed a government policy – to counteract the horrors of the depression – which soon evolved into Social Security.

A cut was made to the military budget.

On a lighter note,

Several motion pictures made ridiculously accurate assessments of politics.

I cite these particular events because they seem to exemplify how we humans – like Dianne Feinstein – seem hellbent on continuing to ignore and/or rewrite history in order to amass greater self-interest at the expense of the world.

The use of Hitler’s name is becoming commonplace today and it is generally used to apply to anyone deemed to be an impediment to our imperialistic schemes of self-aggrandizement. Conversely (or not!), we are seeing repeated revisionist interpretations wherein Nazis are being portrayed as freedom fighters by so-called liberals and conservatives alike.

The concentration camps of today are built through a resurgence of predatory libertine economics – which have no allegiance to any of the nationalisms that they use as a front – and they manifest door to door, neighborhood to neighborhood, nation to nation. We are encouraged to make our brains into our own concentration camps through the corporate media marketing which pretends to be journalism.

Franklin D. Roosevelt and his policies are anathema to democrats and republicans alike. The Democrats continue to lie about the disdain they have for those policies while the Republicans boast about their shared disdain. Glass-Steagall was gutted in 1999 by a vote along party lines where a majority of 55 Republicans killed it in the Senate and the Democrat’s smarmy President Clinton signed it because a veto would have put the lying Democrats in a bind. There is little reason to believe that their banker owners would not have forced them to override a veto and their pretense of opposition would have been revealed. The day Clinton signed that opening for greater corruption was the day the Democrats murdered Roosevelt in effigy and spirit.

Conservation Corps??? The Democrat-Republican religion insists that must be the work of the devil communists who want our souls to burn in Hell!!! Liberty for libertines is their idea of environmental salvation.

Social Security does not pay as well as Social Insecurity for the acolytes of Capital. It is just not “good” business policy to keep so much money out of the hands of the weapons manufacturers.

“War is Good Business” is the real motto of the fakery known as the USA.

Dianne Feinstein will not be made to roll in her grave.

The films I mentioned?

For me, the two outstanding films of 1933 both had what has long been seen as humorous political commentary, but today I see them as more accurate than what is today overwhelmingly accepted as journalism.

In “I’m No Angel,” Mae West asks a huckster what he did for a living and he replies, “I’m a sort of politician.”

She responded with, “I don’t like work either.”

The other film is “Duck Soup” by the Marx Brothers. It is their take on politics and it is as truthful as it is ridiculous. The key elements include,

A wealthy socialite dictates who will run the government and she is clearly delusional. Her choice for power is a character totally lacking anything beyond self-interests and theatrics. Some of his lines include, “The last guy nearly ruined this place. He didn’t know what to do with it. If you think the country’s bad off now, just wait till I get through with it.” and “ I’ll never stand for anything that’s crooked or unfair. I’m strictly on the up and up, so everyone beware. If anyone’s caught taking graft and I don’t get my share…” He then deliberately starts a war while pretending to be trying to make peace by accusing his (conniving) opponent of being insulting. This is followed by a version of a spiritual revival song reinterpreted as “All God’s chillun got guns…” This is followed by the great leader leading the war dressed as a Boy-scout leader, a Davy Crocket, a Confederate soldier, a Yankee soldier, and a British Palace Guard. So many costumes for the same agenda.

So, Dianne Feinstein has died after participating in reducing herself to a predatory prop in a deadly, predatory comedy which is showing no inclination toward restraint. The main actors in this degrading theater of corporatism are all less skillful and less trustworthy than the Marx Brothers in 1933.

Thank goodness that Gavin Newsom was able to find his “black woman” to replace Feinstein and no one will need to point out how racist his search must have been.

Thank goodness the Democrat controllers have decided who will be their candidate for president in 2024.

Thank goodness Democrats are proudly tolerating no dissenting voices.

Thank goodness they embraced the agenda of Republicans like Matt Gaetz while they simultaneously and pompously ridicule the Republicans for being the inbred clown show that they are.

Thank goodness Justin Trudeau’s government could celebrate a member of the Nazi SS and then blame Russia when it became known.

Thank goodness your democracy is now dictated by your superiors.

I say “Thank you” because apparently the wisdom seen in 1933 is only possible once we reach the bottom of the capitalist barrel.

We must be getting close!