The Increasingly Desperate and Delusional Donald

About the time this column gets published some guy from Florida named Donald Trump is going to be surrendering to the Fulton County Jail in Georgia to face his fourth indictment in as many months.

A very uncommon criminal, he’ll insult the judge, bluster about his innocence, make his endlessly repeated “witch hunt(s)” claim, and threaten the nation with his “very angry supporters.” But the truth is, the vast majority of Americans are getting real tired of these increasingly unbelievable and boring re-runs.

Of course the real reason this Donald guy has to show up at various jails and courthouses across the country is because he’s been charged with a whopping 91 felonies. Felonies — not misdemeanors or parking tickets.

Likewise, we’ve also heard the legal system’s actions to bring this serial criminal to trial — and see justice rendered — is “election interference.” Supposedly it’s to keep him from campaigning for the White House when, miraculously, the 2/3 of American voters who say they won’t vote for him have a vast change of heart, suddenly realize the 2020 election was stolen, and in the true spirit of forgiveness, vote for the scoundrel.

Oh wait, that’s what happens in Donald’s fantasy world where his “perfect” phone call trying to get the Georgia secretary of state to “find” him enough votes to win the state isn’t considered “election interference.” Where the insurrection he promoted to stop Joe Biden from becoming president is considered a mere bunch of “tourists” coming to observe Congress, that, you know, got out of hand. And where the “fake elector” scheme he dreamed up with his whackadoodle — and now indicted — lawyers was only intended to question the process, not corrupt the American electoral system and overthrow a legitimate election that he lost by 7 million votes.

Should the legal system on which the nation is founded seek to move forward with trying old Donald — and perhaps convicting him on any one of the 91 felony counts — why then hang on to your hats, pardners! Why? Because he claims to have a private army of supporters who, at least according to his nasty threats of violence, are ready to take up arms and resist any attempts to stick Donald in jail.

Someone might want to remind this guy that those who previously answered his call to “fight like hell,” overthrow congressional certification of the election results, and hang the vice-president, are now wearing orange coveralls and serving long sentences in federal prisons for their violent crimes against fellow Americans and the institutions by which we are governed.

In Donald’s delusion, the justice system isn’t coming for him because he’s being tried for 91 felonies, they’re coming for us! You know, the rest of the 331 million Americans who aren’t charged with nearly a hundred felonies, didn’t try to overthrow the government, didn’t try to “find” votes, and didn’t cook up fake electors.

To be sure, if you commit a crime in this nation, then there’s a good chance you’ll experience the nation’s justice system. But first you have to do something that meets the legal definition of a criminal act before you’re arrested, fingerprinted and get a mug shot. And no, “they” will not “be coming for you” just because you’re wearing a silly red baseball cap.

Our nation has far more serious issues to deal with than a delusional guy in Florida named Donald.

Most Americans recognize this and want to hear solutions to the problems of 2023 and how they’ll help us face the uncertain future — not continue to be assailed by some scared old man threatening us and whining about his delusional fictions of 2020.

George Ochenski is a columnist for the Daily Montanan, where this essay originally appeared.