A Plea for Passive Aggressivity

While  I was reading an essay and trying to remember the twists and turns  vis a vie dialectical gymnastics in order to comprehend what Slavoj Zizek was arguing about* it became clear when I heard on KPFA (Bernstein’s program) that the former Prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan had been arrested  and was in jail. A coup that was induced by the US State and CIA, Blinken and others. Kahn a former Prime Minister was described by  an American professor  teaching in Lahore: “He is a “pacifist” he did not want to align with the US or Russia”  in the immediate  current proxy war  the US is spending a billion a month  to sustain its aggressive war

I heard the news and wondered wasn’t this exactly what Zizek had written about in 2006?

Here was the  Empire acting like a bully once again.   Pakistan’s moderate pacifism  in US war time could potentially  spread  to other nations who do not want to take sides and obviously disagree with the Empires hubris and militaristic policy.

As long as Pakistan maintains distance and is not engaged in warmongering they have to be coaxed into supporting the US in its attempt to reduce Russia and China into vassal states.   Japan for example in the middle of the recent anniversary  of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki it seems incongruous to insist the Japanese state  join in the US Imperial overreach  to prepare for an invasion by China?

 Imran Kahn of  Pakistan has been jailed because the US apparently can’t abide any dissident faction even a pacifist one. Thousands of Pakistani’s  have filled  streets to protest.

It’s fascinating that US,  with internal Pakistanis, had to jail this pacifist ex-Prime Minster.  Mahatma Gandhi was not even a Pakistani. Why is it essential that the US  coax, pay off, threaten and overthrow any regime that remains  outside the Imperialist demands of the nation that has sanctions all over the world –  these are not UN sponsored.

Anomalies and contradiction are in “broad daylight.”  The US Empire  brings democracy to the poor down trodden women  and oppressed in other countries while it supports the extreme Zionists in Israel in their repression and decimation of Palestinians. That unity of similarities is repeated every time a few million US dollars goes to Israeli settlements.  The US stands with  Israel Defense Forces and “there right to exist.” Of course the rights of the Palestinian are neglected  just as the right to remain neutral or pacifist when the US  is on the warpath.

In the Ukraine proxy war against Russia the USA is  also trying to figure out what can be done to challenge Chinas’ ability to trade outside the US Federal Reserve the banking system IMF and World Bank. In  capitalist democracies it’s part of the structure of the nation’s function  to create  competition and enemies. Stockbrokers understand the object is to win, win, win i.e. gain. In geopolitical matters if we don’t win,  then other nationals  must be transformed into  enemies and  have to be challenged weakened or destroyed. The economic component justifies the war expenditure.

Vietnam was about to be liberated from 70 years of  French occupation  when the US assumed the role of  the responsible  Western Empire and  replaced the French taking  up where they left off.  After   all the ‘frogs” couldn’t do what the US military could. Much like Afghanistan and Iraq millions and billions spent to eventually pull out!

These machinations, should we say these Machiavellian modes of the US policy becomes clear when one of the nations  like Pakistan without communist or socialist mass movements is taken apart and refitted to US   foreign policy . Astounding brazenness.

 Zizek in his essay on  “ A Plea for Passive Aggressivity” notes that in  geopolitical international  relations there are two options either join up or oppose.  No middle ground allowed: Keep off the Grass!

In this matter power is at stake.  Mentioning Hannah  Arendt’s insights “between political power and the mere exercise of (social) violence organizations….”.. Zizek brings up the problematic of

“ Power must aways rely on an obscene stain of violence, political space is thus never ‘pure’, but always involves some kind of reliance on pre-political violence. Of course the relationship between political Power and pre-political violence is one of mutual implications, not only is violence the necessary supplement to Power, but pro (political) Power  is itself always already present at the core of every ‘non-political’ social bond. The accepted violence and direct relationship of subordination in  the army , church ,family and other ‘nonpolitical; social forms are  themselves simply the reified expression of certain ethical-political struggles – the task of critical analysis is to discern the hidden political. Processes that sustain  these ‘non’ or ‘pre-political’ forms . In human society , the political is the encompassing structuring principle, so that every neutralization of some partial social content as ‘non-political is itself a political gesture par excellence.: (218)

The Biden administration fulfills  the grossness of Trump with  the historical  expansionist of Teddy Roosevelt, the Bushes, the Clintons  and all previous Presidents united in bipartisan  foreign policy.  Pacifism although limp becomes a threat  when billions are spent on military equipment so too “passive aggressivity” demands international repression.

A medicinal side effect, could be termed “blowback” as the  internal constant internal gun violence at children, teachers, random people,  some “116 people are killed in the USA per day” due to gun violence. This is more than “the chickens come home to roost” it’s become a habit, part of the freedom and consumerism of the market. You have a choice, either get a gun for protection or become a victim of a weird retaliatory shooting.  Could it be that the militarization of US foreign policy with 870 billions for weapons and warfare has influenced internal ‘shoot em’ ups’?

R.G.Davis directed Brecht’s Exception and the Rule 1965 again in Australia 1972. Directed US premier of Brecht’s Turandot or Congress of Whitewashers 1969. Founded Epic West Center for the Study of Bertolt Brecht and Epic Theatre, in Berkeley 1975 -1980. Produced Messingkauf Dialogues Directed by Carl Weber at Epic West.