On the roasting of feral chickens

ITEM (June 20, 2023; Eric Lach): Trump fans at his federal arraignment on stolen documents and espionage charges proceeding in Miami “were rivaled in number by the feral chickens that live on the grass outside” the courthouse.

After Malcolm X got in hot water for saying the assassination of President Kennedy was an example of chickens coming home to roost.

Ward Churchill got in hot water for saying – in “On the Justice of Roosting Chickens” – that imperial security/unintelligence and impoverator/development officials, who were among those working in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, were “Little Eichmanns.

This is what neofascism looks like.

Frank Zappa brilliantly prophesied the whole Federalist Society, Christo-fascistic mailed fisting of democracy, the base movement of white power that threw up foaming scum of a rogue handmaids US Supreme Court majority, attacking queerness like a 21st century inquisition: “The cross converted into a symbol of fascism in the service of politics, this is bad!” Zappa on Pat Robertson, religion and the Right Wing

Malcolm X really got in hot water for exposing Elijah Muhammad’s authoritarian and patriarchal abuses Ward Churchill really got in hot water for speaking painful truths to power – exposing FBI fascist agents of repression in the face of genocidal state terror.

Truth is the crime, white supremacy and racial capitalism are the sins.

We are in really hot water loves, mass-killing the whole world, ourselves and our children in Ukraine while federal bureaucrats investigate the Donald’s ethical micro-pecker (at last a subject small enough to engage FBI/CIA integrity!), showing bathroom pictures of treason tales twice told – an idiotic sound and fury signifying killing fields everywhere, from the Taiwan Strait and Palestine to American gun nut alt civil war mass shooting dailies.

Nobody in here but us feral chickens and our raging, ravaged humanity.