Etruscan Constructions

Under discussion’s
Etruscan constructions:
The trusty Etruscan arch
The marches through arches we took
The arcades/ Standing all day
Yanking away at the joysticks of these
Arcadian machines
Staring at screens — at Pa‘n at a picnic
Now Pan’s in Atlantis, Theocritus says
In submarines and limousines
The kings and queens
Who hoard the beans
Will see Pan and panic as
Orcus the Etruscan god
of the underworld,
And its minerals, folds them all under.
What they extract
Orcus takes back.
Or, maybe, it is simply that
Divine justice
Is just us.


Elliot Sperber is a writer, attorney, and adjunct professor. He lives in New York City and can be reached at and on twitter @elliot_sperber