You Should be Ashamed, Charles

Green Man emblem, Tintern Village, Wales. Photo: Jeffrey St. Clair.

Let’s remember Toyin Azgbetu of the African Rights organization named Ligali.  Let’s remember soaring numbers of slaves that began to bloody the waters between Africa and America, bloody the waters and enrich the English monarchy so recently restored under Charles II in 1660.  Ever since all the glam, magic, jewels, gold and silver, of coronation are designed to hide these massive world changing crimes.  This goes too for Charles III and his billion billions.

Remember Toyin Agbetu on 27 March 2007 strode as a prophet into Westminster Cathedral shouting to the Prime Minister, to the Queen, to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the other nobs, “You should be ashamed.”  The Queen pursed her lips.  “You, the Queen, should be ashamed,” he could be heard saying as he was man-handled out of the cathedral.  The hymns resumed.

Charles III associates himself with the Green Man, a very old, folk creature of the woods.  Don’t be fooled.  The return of Charles II, the “merrie monarch,” in 1660 led to war on the woods and enclosures of the meadows, as timber for ships was clear cut, and commoners expropriated.  Charles III misappropriates a symbol of the common treasury of humankind, the green man.  It’s a theft.

Under his reign what will be the next configuration of slavery and enclosure?  Charles III should be ashamed.

Peter Linebaugh is the author of The London HangedThe Many-Headed Hydra: the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic (with Marcus Rediker) and Magna Carta Manifesto. Linebaugh’s latest book is Red Round Globe Hot Burning. He can be reached at: