February 2023

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Farewell to Burt Bacharach

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The Upside Down World

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The Lapdogs of Tyranny

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Trafficked Workers’ Great Escape?

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The Primordial Fires of Our Earth

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From Nazi Blitzkriegs to ADHD Treatment: What Stimulant Drugs Can and Cannot Do

How a Decarceral and Abolitionist Movement Helped Defeat the “Red Wave” in Pennsylvania

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Court Says Colombian State Responsible for Patriotic Union “Extermination”…No Mention of US Role

Stop Cop City

Who Killed David “Gypsy” Chain?

Why I Am Anti-war (and What That Means)

A World Fragmented by Inequality

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The Fed’s 2.0 Percent Inflation Target


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Puppet Akutagawa

Scary Winter Wonder Land

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