February 2023

“Qualified Immunity” Strikes Again

The War on Terror and the Battle for Young Minds

A Day Off with Pay and Much More

Chile’s Battle for Memory

Black Power and Rock n Roll: Black History for Dangerous Americans

Food and Climate Emergencies: The Human Side

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Avedon at the Met: the Chicago Seven and the Sixties

Are We Really in a “Post-truth” Era?

Right Wing Panic Over ‘15-Minute Cities’ About Freedom for Cars, Not People

Long Covid is a Cause for Concern

Handel’s Royal Banquet

The Chinese Balloon: the Biden Team’s Hot Air

The Day the World Should Have Changed

War in Ukraine and ICBMs: The Untold Story of How They Could Blow Up the World

The Lesson We Need to Teach Our Nation’s Rich

Biden’s Missing Word: Inequality

The Proxy War in Ukraine Must End

An Aging Population Poses Issues, Just Like the Baby Boom Did

Malcolm X Would Call Biden a ‘Pretender Public Defender’

Two Minutes

Who’s Winning and Losing the Economic War Over Ukraine?

Stirring Humor into ‘Old Age’

Why Environmental Groups Must Oppose War

McCarthyism, Then and Now

Awaiting China’s Ukraine Peace Plan


War is a Climate Killer

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

True Champions of Humanity in Türkiye and Syria: We Thank You

A Self-Tax for the Common Good

The Cult of Violence: New Poll Finds Evidence of Authoritarian Values Driving U.S. Public Opinion

Overdevelopment Threatens Montana Quality of Life

Cuba and Vietnam, What’s the Difference?

Aldo Leopold for Our Time

What Time is It?

Rail Unions Warned Us: Greed is Dangerous

Demagogue Rising

Geoengineering the Atlantic Ocean?

Letter from London: A Specious or Special Relationship? 

Decisions on a Nuclear Future are Guided by Myths

The Future of Vehicle Prices

A Return to Child Labor?

A Diplomatic Surge is Needed to Prevent Endless War

Time to End the Sanctions on Syria…and Everywhere Else

It’s Too Soon to Remove the Grizzly From the Endangered Species List

History Lessons for Antifascists

Humanity’s Secret War Against the Environment, Ourselves, and Our Children

A Realistic ‘Energy Transition’ is to Get Better at Using Less of It