January 2023

Berlin Bulletin: Blunders, Splits, War

An Letter to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on His Company’s Union-Busting Tactics

Disgracing the Dream

Ukrainian Pacifist Movement: An Interview with Yurii Sheliazhenko

The UK: A Return to the Past Masquerading as the Future

Merchants of Spin: Monsanto’s Astroturfing of Glyphosate in the EU

How the the Pentagon’s National Defense Strategy Drives Record Military Spending

Oxfam Wants to More than Double the Tax Rate on Our Richest

Nuclear Roulette from Hiroshima to the Cuban Missile Crisis

Rampant Speculation: Uranium, Dirty Bombs and Heathrow

Poetic Nonviolent Victory Over War

Collateral Damage and Other Slippery Slopes

The Final Nail in the Coffin for Alaska’s Pebble Mine?

A Fun Way to Deal With the Debt Ceiling

Holland Lake and the Consent of the Governed

Ukraine’s Future: Peace Through War?

Harvard’s Kennedy School: Key Part Of The Military-Industrial Complex

The Politics of Regionalism: Secession vs. Interdependence

Think Big Tech’s Thousands of Layoffs Indicate a Coming Recession? Think Again

Letter from London: Long Night’s Journey into the Past

UFOs Forever

Both Sides Of Force The Vote Are The Same

Teenage iPhone Rebellion in Brooklyn

Top Secret: The Real Classified Documents Scandal

Logging for Wildlife is a Destructive Fiction

How Many Ukrainian Refugees Will Return Home?

Beyond Vietnam and Into Today

World Economic Forum Plutocrats Suffer Vertigo on Contemporary Capitalism’s Roller-Coaster

How to Defeat an Army

How Private Equity Amplifies the Abuse of Predatory Lending

War is as Popular as Cherry and Apple Pie

How Safe Can We Really Be?

This MLK Day, Save the Fake Love

They Never Tire of Abusing Dr. King


Central Banks are a Symptom, Capitalism is the Cause

On Being Called “Terrorist”

Roaming Charges: Woke Me When It’s Over

The Militarization of Mexico

Capitol Charades

Fiery Flying Roll

Amtraks Across America: Biking New York City

Vaguely Left Dems and Moderate Republicans – the Only Remaining Hope?

Whipped Inflation, Now

The Invisible Global Heat Danger Zone

Health Care in Crisis: Warning! US Capitalism is Lethal

The Far-Right Assault on Our Future  

The Bridge of Stones: a Migrant Christmas Story

Armenia’s Anger with Russia

Time for Action is Now: What Will Happen after the ICJ Delegitimizes Israel’s Occupation of Palestine