I Am Homer

I am Homer, I’m very hard of sight,
but chant-sing poems of the derring-do of warriors
and the edgy bellicosity of city states
such as those in Greece vs. Troy in Anatolia

or for that matter, the US & Britain vs. Russia

I play a four string lyre or phorminx, in my
riverine flow of dactyls and spondees

to trace the so-called heroism of heroes
and the looting & booty & deaths

on the strands of time
I am Homer, but I also can sing on my lyre
Elvis Presley’s fine hymn, “Peace in the Valley.”
in between my derring-do dactyls

Ed Sanders is a poet, musician and writer. He founded Fuck You: a Magazine of the Arts, as well as the Fugs. He edits the Woodstock Journal. His books include: The Family, Sharon Tate: a Life and the novel Tales of Beatnik Glory.