January 2023

Encounters with Tom Verlaine

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The Winter Coup Season in Latin America

Letter from London: Words and Pictures 

Venting About Ventilation in the Time of Covid

Lies, Damned Lies, and George Santos

George Floyd and the Lumpenproletariat

Israel’s Strange Ambivalence on Ukraine

NEPA: Sunshine in Government

McCarthy’s 15-Round Victory: Capitalism’s Politicians Perform in Public

Overcoming Social Fragmentation

Medical Aid in Dying and Knowing the Mind of God

A Costly and Prolonged Cold War Now Seems a Certainty

In Deeply Unequal Societies, the Thieving Always Thrive

A State for Some of Its Citizens: Captured Black Soldier’s Saga Highlights Racism in Israel

Drug Price Showdown Time for Chairman Bernie Sanders

Why Does the U.S. Military Let Defense Contractors Get Away With So Much?

Tempting the Banksters: Zelensky Courts US Companies

Disarming, and Empowering, Lost Souls

The United Nations and Unilateral Coercive Measures

From a Sense of Wonder to Dread: 90 Seconds to Midnight

Mandela’s Death or Other Dramatic Developments…

The Murder of Tyre Nichols and the Death of Police Reform

The Harms of Solitary Confinement During Covid

Bad Faith Liberalism and the Politics of False Equivalency

Nuclear Fusion Won’t Save the Climate, But It Might Blow Up the World

The Florida Strong-Man

Roaming Charges: The Ugliest Thing in America

Kill Capitalism Before It Kills Us

Capitalism is Antithetical to Democracy

The Ambiguities of Political Command: The Case of Ukraine

Police Murder Forest Defender Near Atlanta’s Proposed “Cop City”

Far Right Supreme Court Ready to Gut Unions (Again), as Workers Die on the Job

Doomsday Clock Jitters and “How to Fix a Broken Planet”

No Winners in Nuclear War

Making (No) Sense of the Ukraine War

Resisting War and Repression in Putin’s Russia

An Elegy from Hell: Pompeo Smears Khashoggi

Inside Mexico’s Largest Detention Center: a Q&A with Belén Fernández

The Wolf Inside Us

The Clearest Case Yet for Taxing Billionaires

Taking a Long, Hard Look at Police Killings

A Wall Street Sob Story

Why a Small City in Ukraine Is a Focal Point in the War

The U.S. Foreign Policy Establishment Proves in Ukraine That It Forgot the Lessons of Vietnam

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Black Cops, White Justice?

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