December 2022

Newtown, Connecticut

DACA and the Politics of Cruelty

The Paradox of the New McCarthyism

Messi’s Scores are Many and Life Saving

War is Over. If You Want It.

In a Dark Time, the Eye Begins to See: Sandy Hook 10 Years Later

Dancing on the Edge of Hell

Bob Cannard Gives up the Ghost at Green String Farm

Labor Leaders Provide Cover for Privatization of Medicare

Vibrant, Galvanizing Book Recommendations for the Holidays

Dubai: An Invulnerable Financial Fortress on the Sand?

Xi’s Visit and the Future of the Middle East: What Does China Want from the Arabs

Intermittency” and “Density” Arguments Favor Household Renewables Over Fossil Fuel and Grid Dependence

We Must Not Forget the War in Afghanistan

A Quick Note on That Record Low Savings Rate

Congress Needs to Help Struggling Families Before It’s Too Late

The Real Goal of Fed Policy: Breaking Inflation, the Middle Class or the Bubble Economy?

A Risky Gamble at Diablo Canyon

Basketball, Viktor Bout and Troubling Exchanges

Brexit Bites Back

Letter from London: Three People, Two Cars, One Motorbike

Will America’s Forever Prison Finally Close on Biden’s Watch?

 The End of Checks and Balances

U.S. Internationalizes Iran’s Unrest

The Senate Elections Exposed the MAGA Movement’s Weakness

The Pentagon Fails Another Audit, Gets $858 Billion Anyway

How Alaa Abd El-Fattah Connects Everything

Imagining Public Affluence: Redesigning Cities and Reclaiming Public Space

The Predictable Resurgence of Fascism and Nazism On Both Sides of the North Atlantic and Its Consequences

Words Ache, But Indifference Kills

How a Nuclear Site Was Allowed to Poison Its Own Workers

Roaming Charges: The Mask of Order

Refreeze the Arctic

An Epidemic of White Supremacy in the Queensland Police?

Selling Blood, Skipping Meals, Sleeping in Cars: Why Academics Strike

J Edgar’s Legacy of Surveillance

The EU’s Oil Price Cap on Russia

On ‘Hate’ and Love at the World Cup: Palestine is More Than An Arab Cause

The Americans Started the US War with Russia

“Amerika”: Republi-Fascism, Despicable De-Railing Dems, Constitutional Termination, Lucy and Charlie, and Revolution

It’s the Message Not the Messaging:  The Future of the Republican Party

Weakened International Pushback Enables Extradition of Assange

White Identity and the Forsaken Talent of the Late, Irene Cara

Restoring the Commons Takes Your Highness – and Mine!

The World Cup Runneth Over

The Powell Memo Revisited

Not Earning Enough Money to Put Food on the Table: Walmart’s Savage Capitalism

Warnock’s Re-Election is a Victory for Social Security

The Art of Selling and Repudiating Hate in America

Forget Moral Arguments. A Loss and Damage Fund Is a Win for Americans