December 2022

White Supremacy and January 6: What’s Missing from the Congressional Report

Seeking Justice in the Name of Hate: In Defense of BDS  

Confessions of a Vegan Evangelist

Roaming Charges: Watching the Detectives, the Year in Police Crime

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The Radioactive Legacy of the Cold War

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Latin America and Caribbean Year 2022 in Review

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Half Lives, Half Stories and Half Truths from Department of Energy This Week

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Amtraks Across America: The City of New Orleans to Chicago

The Dialogic of Violence

Zelensky’s Visit and the Season’s Spirit

Ukraine Women Prove Resilient in the Face of War

James P. Cannon: America’s Pioneer Trotskyist

Ban the Bomb Cyclone!

The Radically Changing Art Market

Go Bonobos in 2023!

Yes, Government is A Business. No, You’re Not The Customer.

Life After Trump

Unmediated Community – Ten Years of The Invisible Army

Because Polygamists Are Queer People Too, Goddammit

An Empire of Absurd Suffering Under an Atrocious Externalization of PRP to R2P

The Rise and Rise of Artificiality

FBI Cointelpro is Back and Worse Than Ever

A Winter Harvest

Philip Roth: The Imp of the Perverse “I”

Country for Bad Dreams: Vandalism on the Nullarbor Plain

Lachie Murdoch’s Media Kingdom

Choosing to Live

No Room at the Texas Inn … or the US Naval Observatory

Two Barrels Aimed at African People’s Socialist Party 

Conservation Groups Force Forest Service to Drop Huge Clearcutting and Road Bulldozing Project in Boise’s Most Popular Recreation Area

Nuclear Fusion:  Don’t Believe the Hype!

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Companies Bilked a Potential 10.3 Million User Accounts–That’s 250 Times More than Madoff

Cinema Beyond Cinemas: the Best Films of 2022

The Future of Korean Democracy

Big Victory on Retirement Income in Omnibus Spending Bill

Planning for War Crimes Trials Post-Nuclear War

Wildlife Wishes and Resolutions

Nations of the World Unite!

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Praying We Learn from Each Other

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Suing Meta in Kenya