Our Last Chance

Well, our Annual Fund Fall Fund Drive, as you have probably noticed, is not going as well as we hoped. After running it for a month, we are only 84% of the way toward reaching our modest goal.

This isn’t to say the prognosis is all bad, in fact, the good news is the number of donations we have received thus far is higher than last year, which was a record year for us.

Nonetheless, average donation amounts are down considerably, which is why we haven’t reached our goal.

We understand why. Inflation is hurting everyone, and there may well be a recession on the horizon. Housing costs are sky-high, and jobs just don’t pay what they should. It’s not easy out there.

After a bit of contemplation, we have decided to end the fund drive this weekend whether or not we reach our goal. In order to survive through the end of 2023 we will have to raise more money in the spring, but we feel this is a better option than pestering you any more than we already have.

Donate Now

We know that many of you turn to CounterPunch every day and that you look to your favorite trusted writers to hear their take on the topics you care about most.

At every turn, we have been pressured to compromise our values. Why not just run ads? Why not sell reader data? Why not put up a paywall for the entire site?

Maybe these tactics are par for the course these days, but we’d like to remind you that par for the course is not what CounterPunch is all about and it’s not what our readers want either, otherwise you’d all be getting your news from MSNBC.

If you have donated, we thank you so much. This letter is for the 99% of our regular readers who haven’t donated but have the means to do so.

We are asking you to please contribute what you can in this final stretch of the fund drive. We don’t want anybody to give more than they can afford. In fact, if all of our readers gave $25 today, we’d be able to put our begging bowl aside to gather dust for years to come. If you can donate $25 or $5 a month, you will also get a year’s subscription to CP+, our subscriber area.

So please, consider putting your shoulder to the wheel and helping us raise the funds it takes to keep our little project afloat. All donations are tax-deductible.


Jeffrey, Becky , Joshua, Deva, Nathaniel, Nichole, and Andrew

Please, if You Have the Means Donate Today

or mail us a check


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