Philly Judge Blows Off Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Latest Appeal

With Assist From Reform DA Krasner’s Office

Despite overwhelming evidence that Mumia Abu-Jamal has never had a fair trial, that his conviction was won through judicial bias and interference, fabricated police testimony, prosecutorial misconduct and that political interference (including by the governor’s office), has sabotaged his appeals process over the years, DA Larry Krasner has never had his revamped and enlarged Conviction Review office take up this most prominent legacy case.

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CounterPunch contributor DAVE LINDORFF is a producer along with MARK MITTEN on a forthcoming feature-length documentary film on the life of Ted Hall and his wife of 51 years, Joan Hall. A Participant Film, “A Compassionate Spy” is directed by STEVE JAMES and will be released in theaters this coming summer. Lindorff has finished a book on Ted Hall titled “A Spy for No Country,” to be published this Fall by Prometheus Press.

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