More Important Than Roe v. Wade

Yes, at last Wade–Roe has successfully been dispatched with! Thousands of tiny imperiled lives have been rescued, or at least their souls.

But somehow, so far as I know, another aspect has thus far been completely ignored. I am thinking of all those as yet unfertilized babies. No, it is true, they are not complete little persons, fully total souls, but rather what might be called half-souls.

Yet each one of these unborn, unfertilized little humans contains all future requirements (the elitists speak of genes, or is it DNA?) for tiny hands and fingers, for feet with adorable little toes, for hearts and minds and at least for half-souls.

And just as the saying goes “Half a loaf is better than none”, so half a soul, saved for eternity, is surely better than none.

It is unfortunately difficult to reach the half-souls on the side of the mother; they are not all too easily attainable before being fertilized. But what about the almost-fathers?

So many, yes, immeasurably many tiny half-souls are lost, unblessed, even looked upon with shame by some, commonly hidden away – and yet so much more easily discovered when the need is finally recognized. And their cruel disposal – as if they were refuse or dishwater, not baby half-souls – can surely be detected. Not all too many special “men-in-blue” need be hired (and then most likely vilified by Antifas as “Peeping Toms”); surely the Silicon Valley masterminds can discover new devices or methods of quickly and easily uncovering such mindless, yes, heartless attitudes and practices, and punish the perpetratorswhile helping to save at least a portion of these innocent little lives and the future of their souls!

Perhaps Senator Graham could aid in framing the necessary legislation!

Victor Grossman writes the Berlin Bulletin, which you can subscribe to for free by sending an email to: