FPOTUS and Rare Liberals Stoking the Schedule F Burn Pit

Leadership, Policy and Metaphor for a Collapsing Empire

When the redacted search warrant, for the National Defense (and other) Information (NDI) top secret documents the Rump Klan stole from the white house in January 2021, identified the Former President of the United States as “FPOTUS”, I thought we had a new political label for dead meat for the ages.

Within a couple days the long New York Times Magazine feature piece on the Jones Day law firm identified Jones Day partner and former Detroit Emergency Manager Fascist (EMF) Kevyn Orr as “a rare liberal” in their rightwing dog pen.

Why bother to commentate when the clichéd metaphors[i] stand up and spew their own garbage 24/7?

Answer: FPOTUS skipped out on his coup-in-progress with a plan – “Schedule F” – to purge hundreds of thousands of government civil service employees, replacing the federal government’s nonpartisan official corps with MAGA death cultists.

News flash: There’s at least an even chance POTUS47, whether it’s Ivanka, Ron DeathSantis, or perhaps a corporate Dem reaching out to their supporters, may implement some kind of linguistically deodorized Schedule F and worse     within 3 years.  I respectfully conclude that’s good enough cause to speak up!    

Jones Day’s token Negro Rare Liberal reportedly drew the ethical line with his own bloodied hands in 2021 on Jones Day’s lucrative Gleichschaltung practice, transforming the federal government into FPOTUS’s weaponized neo-nazi criminal enterprise.  Kevyn-the-former-EMF-and-now-RL (QAmok Revolutionary Leader?) supposedly drew this red line at the bright line issue of voter suppression, which he declares is a bridge too far for Jones Day’s noble throat slitters to take on for billable hours!

Follow up reporting should note voter turnout rates in Detroit before that very same rare liberal EMF’d us: voter turnout rates that plummeted almost down to single digits after he turned the restructured urban debt machine over to Mike “Thuggin” Duggan.  There’s more than one scam to do purges, and call attention to the stench repackaged as roses, in their corporatized, racial capitalist world.  Jones Day knows how, and is paid very well,  to run them all.  Every lucrative one.

My point is the Rare Liberal’s FPOTUS “Resistance” story – in the Burn Pit of climate catastrophe, proxy war in Ukraine & the other ten thousand things in this falling debris – is about as credible as the QAmok shaman.  People don’t vote in Detroit any more because they know the game is rigged.  Not an excuse, a reality.  Jones Day, FPOTUS & their erstwhile mainstream competitors leading the corporate wing of the Dems out of and back into the political wilderness according to election cycles, are only fooling themselves.  Rearrange their faces and give them all another name. (Thanks, Bob)  This is a collapsing empire, world, and ecology.  They are responsible for this Burn Pit Society.  Our responsibility to somehow turn away and lead others toward something better is manifest, literally a matter of survival.

To recap things said and occasionally heard in the last decade or so:  All this FPOTUS death cult & Rare Liberal nonsense is just apologia for their failing Burn Pit system.  That’s it.  The sum and substance underlying all National Defense (& other relevant) Information today.  All of it.  Their empire is collapsing and they’re trying to cover it up and take out as much loot as possible, before the water & blood rise too high.  What should we do?

If nothing else, because it hurts when I laugh and to calm my own severely traumatized nerves let me seek & offer the reader relief in the words of the poet:

The Buddha’s Parable of the Burning Building

Guatama the Buddha taught
The doctrine of greed’s wheel to which we are bound, and advised
That we shed all craving and thus
Undesiring enter the nothingness that he called Nirvana.
Then one day his pupils asked him:
“What is it like, this nothingness, Master? Every one of us would
Shed all craving, as you advise, but tell us
Whether this nothingness which then we shall enter
Is perhaps like being at one with all creation,
When you lie in water, your body weightless, at noon,
Unthinking almost, lazily lie in the water, or drowse
Hardly knowing now that you straighten the blanket,
Going down fast –whether this nothingness, then,
Is a happy one of this kind, a pleasant nothingness, or
Whether this nothingness of yours is more nothing, cold, senseless and void.”
Long the Buddha was silent, then said nonchalantly:
“There is no answer to your question.”
But in the evening, when they had gone,
The Buddha still sat under the bread-fruit tree and to the others,
To those who had not asked, addressed this parable:
“Lately I saw a house. It was burning. The flame
Licked at its roof. I went up close and observed
That there were people still inside. I entered the doorway and called
Out to them that the roof was ablaze, so exhorting them
To leave at once. But those people
Seemed in no hurry. One of them,
While the heat was already scorching his eyebrows,
Asked me what it was like outside, whether there was
Another house for them, and more of this kind. Without answering
I went out again. These people here, I thought,
Must burn to death before they stop asking questions.
And truly friends,
Whoever does not yet feel such heat in the floor that he’ll gladly

Exchange it for any other, rather than stay, to that man
I have nothing to say.” So Gautama the Buddha.
But we too, no longer concerned with the art of submission,
Rather with that of non-submission, and offering
Various proposals of an earthly nature, and beseeching men
To shake off their human tormentors, we too believe that to those
Who in face of the rising bomber squadrons of Capital go on asking too long
How we propose to do this, and how we envisage that,
And what will become of their savings and Sunday trousers after a revolution
We have nothing much to say.

– Bertolt Brecht


[i] To-wit & e.g., those that lie down with dogs and get fleas; impunity for throat-slitting; power from immense gaseous explosions; useful idiots; evil tools; big lies; alt civil wars; do your research; the storm; & etc..  If Merrick Garland, an old line GOP Independent Counsel, Kirkland & Ellis & however many other giant law firms are needed produce, file & serve a consolidated omnibus federal indictment of FPOTUS on a timely basis to follow up on the Mar-a-Lago NDI search & seizure, I’ll report further from the conceptually restructured, upsized & evidence-based neighborhood of Nirvana.  Until then, other legal entanglements of FPOTUS seem like what Lao Tzu called straw dogs, whatever that means!  Rare liberals?

Tom Stephens is a volunteer educator for the Detroit Independent Freedom Schools Movement (DIFSM) and a Peoples lawyer in Detroit.