The Chief Thief’s Haul

In Palm Beach, by the beautiful sea,
There’s a Chamber amazing to see.
It’s got a huge crop
Of secrets quite top!
You can prob’ly get in for a fee!

They’ve been hidden down there for awhile,
The product of theft and of guile.
You’ve the Chief Thief to thank
For this Chamber quite dank.
What could his end purpose be?

The Chief Thief is portly and wan.
His acolytes call him The Don.
He’s know for his bluster,
The mobs he can muster,
And the laws he can break with aplomb.

Was he planning to sell secrets rare?
With whom was he planning to share?
The Russians perhaps?
Or the Kurds or the Lapps?
The “return” matters more than the “where!”

For The Don is a bottom-line thug.
He’s a hole in his pocket to plug.
He’s completely depraved.
Why, he sold his wife’s grave
Just as soon as the hole had been dug!

But those state secrets, codeword and all,
Were just part of his criminal haul.
For the bidder most high
He will certainly try,
If again he escapes from the law!

Carolyn McGiffert Ekedahl is the former Deputy Inspector General for Inspections, Central Intelligence Agency and co-author of “The Wars of Edward Shevardnadze.”