Sympathy For The Plethora Of Devils

A grossly misguided and perverse longing for the “good old days” of impending nuclear annihilation, warmongering and deceitful political manipulation under the delusional beatification of private profit, like some drunken, gossip-laden high school reunion, seems to be the basis of what passes for government in this time wherein we are encouraged/mandated to swing from one abusive politico to another. As the forests’ diversities are slaughtered in service of our piles of shit, we are told to grasp for the next debauchery, again and again, in order to escape from the reality of our own handiwork.

I only write this as if any of it matters.

As Cassius said to Brutus in Shakespeare’s (1654 to 1616) “Julius Caesar,” “the fault …is …that we are underlings”

The “insurrection” of January 6th 2020 and the war in Ukraine are manifestations of the same delusions of grandeur which are underhandedly promoted by those who think they are our superiors.

Are Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba… really more offensive than Biden, Trump, Obama and Bush (and the rest of “the West”)


could it be that,

because these states have not fallen fast enough under what the “West” believes to be an inevitable desire for toxic self-absorption, they must be pushed into deadly confrontations? Diplomacy has become the smug handmaiden of the weapons manufacturers. Perhaps it is an effect of global warming on the shriveling brains of our “leaders.”

It seems that cynicism is optimism and you are a pessimist if you are not adequately cynical. Monetary acquisition seems to be their access to divinity.

We are led to ignorance by these devotees of nationalistic exceptionalism while it is simultaneously insisted that our individual subservience and submissive devotion to greater brainwashing are the height of some supposed exceptionalism. Those who question the manufactured narrative are portrayed as enemies of democracy and censoring the questioners is portrayed as freedom of speech.

We are led to ignore the real costs of desperately destabilizing, avaricious private wealth and power as we push the limits of the global environment with the avalanche of our soon to be 8 Billion.

We are told to believe in an economic system called Free Market Capitalism as if it is the highpoint of democracy. It seems that this system is only “free” in regard to how its advocates are free from considerations of its extensive costs. It is only through a self-serving ignoring of the gross enormities of its attendant militarism, social inequalities, and environmental degradations that one can believe this system is free. In essence and in practice, freedom from responsible behavior, socially and environmentally, is rewarded through the enormous, toxin-laden, aggressive militarism and the subterfuge of the enormous so-called “intelligence” agencies and their unrelenting imposition of greater and greater economic inequality in the name of some god of trust.

This institutionalized, internationally infecting economic process is the republicans and democrats version of “democracy.” In whatever methods of devious deceptions and misrepresentations they can find they will undermine efforts toward greater egalitarianism. They have, globally, over many decades of pompous misrepresentation, infected the minds of their victims to the extent that the word democracy is perversely associated with greater feelings of insecurity, desperately predatory economics, theological hubris, and militarized corporatism. These are the main ingredients of fascism.

I can only guess that this is a seemingly unescapable part of a process within an unknowable outcome which (currently) relies upon the agency of “human resources” and a misguided lust for masochistic militarism to deliver the planet into another stage of its existence wherein humans will have a much reduced presence. Perhaps it is inescapable.

It seems most of us “humans” have little awareness of (or appreciation for) the brevity of our self-absorbed foolishness – much less how deeply dependent we truly are upon the manifestations of life-giving and borderless power we disparage as an accumulation of mere resources for polishing our individual egos. This is apparently how their “god” would have it.

As the vast majority of voters in the faking USA ardently push from one side to the other side of their toxically eroding ship they are only assuring the inevitable capsizing and greater loss of life. It seems that those of us who see how we have been captured by the deceiving owners of the ship’s helm can only try to stand our ground and hope that the awareness of our non-participation in the frantic delusions (which the democrats and republicans continually create and depend upon) will spread among the passengers until we liberate the idea of democracy from the current infection by predatory capitalistic impunity under which the very meaning of democracy is now suffering.

The necessary first step needs to lead in a direction away from the corporately owned fakery known as the democrats and republicans. They are two sides of the same coin and their coinage is laced with flesh-eating toxins and words with transparently volatile meanings.

The current BidenTrump monstrosity has misrepresented itself on everything it has done. It is beyond pathetic that so many people are so eager to again surrender their possible integrity and agency in the service of the hubristic, lying, violence-enabling democratrepublican stupidities. Voting within their scheme only insures greater dissolution for us all.