Exploring Reflections of Modern Capitalism within Science Fiction

A Bleak Future

The exploration of humanity and technology inherent to Science Fiction allows writers within the genre to create realities that reflect our own. The alternate realities allow readers to experience the horrors of modern capitalism from an alternate perspective. In creating distance between the problem and the reader, Science Fiction becomes a vehicle to enlighten readers about issues pertaining to their reality. The horrors and atrocities that are committed by players of the system are exaggerated to highlight the problems within modern society. Therefore, Science Fiction, across mediums and subgenres, offers strategies to highlight the exploitation of workers and consumers. Snow Crash (1992) and the videogame series Fallout both provide realities that allow readers and players to explore futures affected by capitalism and its horrific practices. In presenting exaggerated versions of our reality, authors are using the various devices and strategies allotted to them by Science Fiction. Also, in showcasing different medium, novel and videogame, one can see how authors across mediums translate said devices of Science Fiction to fit within their narrative.

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