June 2022

The Unjustified Criticism of High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s Visit To China

Killing Palestinian Journalists and The Silence of Israeli Apartheid

Soaring Food and Energy Prices Drive Inflation Higher in May

Conservative Supreme Court Justices Disagree About How to Read the Law

Playing Fiddle While the Nation Burns

The Food Shortage in Your Own Backyard

Time to Launch “Dads Demand Action to Raise Healthy Boys”

The Mayoral Elections in LA Are About Knowledge

Mia Couto and the African Guilt Slavery

The Spy in the Torture Chamber

The Roots of the LDS Church’s Opposition to Same Sex Marriage

A New Film Inspired By the Murder of George Floyd

Rep. Krishnamoorthi’s Ties to Hindu Nationalists

Abby Martin Confronts Sec. of State Blinken Over Israeli Murder of Shireen Abu Akleh

Roaming Charges: The Politics of Limbo

The ADL, Progressives and White Nationalists

Storms at the Summit of the Americas

The Other Reason for Putin’s Rush to War:  Russian Oil Dependency

Against Outrageous Stupidity: From WMD to Woman Erasing “Wokeness”

Moral Crusade or Class Interest? Does the US Working Class Have a Material Interest in Ukraine?

Western Sanctions on Russia and Belarus Starve the World

Brazil, Amazon, World: God’s Necropolitics

Putin Comes Out of the Imperialist Closet

Letter From Crimea: Putin and Peter the Great

Palestine’s New Resistance Model: How the Last Year Redefined the Struggle for Palestinian Freedom

Colombia Needs Democracy, Plain and Simple: An Interview With María José Pizarro

The Role of Energy in Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

“Blood on the Scarecrow”: John Mellencamp, the Death of the Family Farmer, and the “Free Market”

All the Wrong Moves: Biden’s China Policy

Cold War 2.0: Trauma and Nostalgia

A Spanish Court Calls: Mike Pompeo, We Want You

Biden of Arabia

Feeling Hopeless? That’s a Start! Lessons From a Long Marriage

Black Children are Disproportionately Harmed by Extremist Gun Rights Policies in the US

Ireland’s New Drive to Join NATO

How Long Will We Sacrifice Our Kids to the Paranoia of the Gun Lobby?

We’re Not Sophisticated Enough to Have Public Schooling

Biden Refuses to Mention the Worsening Dangers of Nuclear War. Media and Congress Enable His Silence

The Binary & the Spectrum

Polar Scientist Explains Peril of Thwaites

We Are Failing Survivors of Domestic Violence

Staying in an abusive political relationship

Assault From Below: Why Antarctica’s Riskiest Glacier is Losing Its Grip

For the Peoples of our Region, the Failure of Biden’s Summit of the Americas Would be a Welcome Event

From Goldwater to the Green New Deal

Amid the Carnage in Ukraine, it’s Time for World Leaders to Rethink Their Priorities

The Ukraine War Has Upended the Global Arms Trade and the US and China Look to be the Big Winners

How African Muslims Civilized Spain

De Facto Haitian Government’s Invitation to Americas Summit Reveals US Double Standards

Haitians Deserve to have Better Lives