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A New Film Inspired By the Murder of George Floyd

Image by mana5280.

The whole world was watching when George Floyd was lynched but writer/director/producer Terrance Tykeem’s When George Got Murdered takes us behind the scenes after George’s assassin is incarcerated. This powerful production about the impact of Floyd’s killing focuses on the guards and inmates at the jail or state prison where Floyd’s liquidator, Derek Chauvin, is incarcerated as the former Minneapolis police officer awaits trial for murder and manslaughter after brutally snuffing the life out of the handcuffed Floyd while lying face down on the street on May 25, 2020. The Caucasian Chauvin’s extermination of the unarmed, helpless African American Floyd – who was pinned down for nine and a half minutes beneath the policeman’s knee on his neck as George pleaded to breathe and for his mother, as several policemen appeared to do nothing to stop Chauvin – was caught on candid camera by the heroic Darnella Frazier and others. After Darnella posted it on Facebook the teenager’s visceral, vivid cellphone video went viral, sparking demonstrations across America and around the world.
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