A Sick Society

The history of Black resistance is as long as the history of slavery. The list of freedom fighters who gave their lives and sacrificed all is enough to fill many pages: Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, John Brown, Denmark Vessy, Harriet Tubman, Robert Williams, Quame Torre, Huey Newton MLK, Bunchy Carter, John Huggins, Fred Hampton, Mark Clark, Nat Turner, and so many more.

Their legacies and their organization’s legacies such as Deacons for defense, SNCC, Republic of new Africa, and the Black Panther Party will never be forgotten. Knowing this history of Black resistance makes it very painful to hear about the organization of BLM’s co-founder Patrisse Cullors. They have stained the history of black resistance with their desire for wealth over sacrifice and dedication and something tells me we’ve not heard the last of their rip-off of 98 million dollars of donated funds and the purchases of million-dollar homes. They are a disservice and their actions disgusting and sickening.

They should be called out at every turn so that this travesty is never repeated again. And no, they are not alone in their desire to pretend to be helping black people there have been a handful of others around the country who have done the same thing, and there have been others in the past. But we have to call out those that are sick enough and dishonest enough to rip off the people at a time when black people are struggling through an epidemic of homelessness and violence and drug addiction.

I wonder how many homeless families they can provide shelter for in their mansions and how many dinners can they provide for the hungry and how much clothing could they provide for the poor. I guess we will never know the answers to these questions. But we cannot go silent on this greed, because greed is all around us and it is because of greed that people find themselves in such destitution. And it is because of greed that our society and our country are going down the shit hole.

Aaron L. Dixon is an American activist and a former captain of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panther Party for its initial four years. In 2006, he ran for the United States Senate in Washington state on the Green Party ticket.