April 2022

Letter From Crimea: To Moscow Station

Russia Sanctions and the Future of US Dollar Hegemony

Fly On The Wall: The Slap

Climate Collapse or Nuclear Winter, Take Your Pick

The Ukraine Crisis is Splitting the Peace Movement — When it’s Needed Most

Overflowing Inventories and the Supply Chain Crisis

Gaza’s Forthcoming Crisis Might Be Worse than Anything We Have Ever Seen

The End of Dollar Hegemony

Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock wasn’t the Worst thing that Happened on Oscar Night

Wood-Pellet Manufacturing in a Rainforest

Palestine is a Loud Echo of Britain’s Colonial Past: and a Warning of the Future

The Corporatocracy Will Have a Tough Choice Between Biden and DeSantis

Why the U.S. Culture of Colonial Extraction Is Making People Sick and Destroying the Planet

The Dying Myth of Israeli Democracy

From Russia, With Lust: Tolstoy Meets “Florida Man”

How Not to Cope with Vladimir Putin by Drilling and Pumping

Illegally Imprisoned Venezuelan Diplomat Faces US Court Amid a Shifting Global Context

Without Our Passion We Shall Overcome Nothing

Going for Big Watch on Big Budgets

A Five-Alarm Emergency for Democracy

It’s Time for Charles Koch to Testify About His Climate Disinformation Campaign

Safe Supply: the Problem With Demonizing Drug-Users and the Drugs They Use   

What are the Greater Yellowstone Coalition’s Ethics Worth?

Lessons About Poverty in America’s Heartland

Progressive Coalition Campaigning in Colombia Promises Real Change

Violetta’s Scars: How Russophobia Became the Wokest Form of Racism

A Nine-Year Obscenity: The Australia-NZ Resettlement Deal

Found in Ukraine: Elizabeth Samet’s “Good War.”

Eulogy as a National Anthem

Hip Hop Lessons on the Nuclear Geo-Chess

Apocalypse Right Now 

The Ghosts of Empire Return for Royalty

The Danger of Infecting Politicians’ Minds

How Does One Deal With Endless Lies?

Closing the Tax Loopholes America’s Rich Love to Exploit

The Slap Heard ‘Round the World

The Financialization of the Global Care Economy

The Ghost of the Mother of Trusts

When Will it End, and How?

The Better Angels Book

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