White Like Me, in the Oceania State

Well, well, Patricia Morgan, the purveyor of everything politically pointless is at it again.

Every time this Representative from Rhode Island’s D-26 copycats legislative hatred, she continues to show her district and the state just how devoted she is to being the most ineffective representative in our legislature.

Representative Morgan had undoubtedly slipped the privileged spoon in her mouth with a hefty heap of performative pablum, when she made what amounts to rather offensive, highly inflammatory comments about critical race theory over the alleged loss of her Black friend.  Moreover, she just recently doubled down by introducing more hurtful, bigoted legislation (H7539) aimed at public education teachers.

First, most Americans have no clue what the academic concept of critical race theory is actually positing, but that does not stop the MAGA cultists from embracing the misunderstanding, and praying that politicians like Morgan might actually succeed in passing benighted legislation squarely against education, civil rights, race, and gender.

Remember, most of these woefully isolated Q-cumbers never met a conspiracy theory they did not like, especially when Fixed Noise Network promotes it, and the effete, ax swinging Tucker Carlson, proselytizes white persecution during his white-power hoax hour, while testicle tanning in end-of-men chamber pots.

Because of peddling such hate, about twenty states have introduced legislation banning any educative attempt to teach students about this country’s past/policies. In fact, eight states have already passed such virulent legislation, with hatemonger-in-chief down in the swamps of Florida driving the clown car by the signing the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.

Because of this recent hate-fest du jour, about 15 other states are also introducing similar legislative animus.

When at first you cannot secede…

Whitewash rinse/repeat

Now, here in Little Rhody, Morgan did introduce CRT legislation (H6070), but thankfully had as much a chance at seeing the white of day as intellectual curiosity seems to have to this representative from West Warwick.

However, that does not mean certain politicians like Morgan will not attempt to foster Anglo-angry anxiety with their constituents, thinking them ignorant and easily duped. Such political cynicism knows no limits when it comes to any dialogue about racial or social progress.

How dare those looking for equity speak about white privilege?

In Morgan’s apparent societal thinking, only whites can benefit from a system that has allowed only them to prosper.

In addition, Morgan recently introduced H7539, another feeble attempt by MAGA cultists to use free speech to undermine comprehensive learning about racism, understanding LGBTQIA, allow the banning of textbooks with a viewpoint, while also barring teachers from referring to students by any other biological pronouns without parental consent.

Morgan, and by extension, the culture war chicken hawks, weaponized Orwell’s Newspeak.  They use carefully crafted, easy to understand language intended to obliterate the teaching of self-expression and identity. Make no mistake about it, this propaganda tool is perfected and practiced to maximum effort by white-fragility sympathizers.

These folks want the lexicon turned on its walking head, and off its thinking feet, with the all-too-obvious aim of indoctrinating the vulnerable to their radicalized Anglo angle, all under of the guise of straight, white Christian dominance.

Precise imprecision

Armed with nothing more than white fear, Morgan perpetuates this race-baiting tactic like other MAGA zealots. MAGA politicians are intent on demonizing the teaching of inclusive pedagogy, while downplaying the willful and purposeful societal and institutional exclusion of non-whites. White fragility defenders only foster the ignorant delusion that CRT is about individual beliefs, not results/outcomes.

Elected representatives like Morgan distort and obfuscate the underpinnings of the actual concept of critical race theory, which is a higher education discipline, not taught or advocated in high schools, unless you believe Jesus discovered America, or Savior Trump won the last election.

Lamentably, these right-of-right conservatives grossly exaggerate and overtly mislead gullible folks into believing any diversity of thought will be the end days in America.

The Great America that is, the red hat type MAGAs so long to revive. Without hesitation, these nationalists would usher in a Caucasian Christian hegemony, hell-bent on ethno-nationalism, voter suppression, and most notably, patriarchal power, with a splash of toxic masculinity.

Unalienable rights, laundered and whitened

Today there are many not-so-mild-mannered thought police seeking to flush American history down the memory hole. It just seems rather odd they all appear  to be trapped in a rather naïve, parochial classroom from the mid-20th century,  replete with the suburban homemaker’s starched pinafore dress or high-brow Edwardian bow tie doling out nationalistic anthems as the common cause.

This country loses its mission when certain politicians think they are saving young learners from knowing about such divisiveconcepts like other cultures, history, or gender perspectives.

After all, with such hurtful attempts with hateful legislation, these cynical politicians must truly believe keeping students from learning about America’s good, bad, and ugly will undoubtedly provide better abilities to count change correctly over at Sam Drucker’s general store out in Hooterville.

Hate has no home here.