I Won’t Cancel Will Smith (Not a Comedy Bit)

All the comedians who don’t make jokes and only make tirades against cancel culture now want me to cancel Will Smith because Will Smith is the embodiment of cancel culture because he slapped a comedian named Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife.

Why should I cancel Will Smith? Because in these people’s minds he is toxic masculinity. But don’t all these comedians spend their time complaining about feminists and Lia Thomas destroying feminism? Imagine if instead of Will Smith we had Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accept the invitation the Oscars gave him. These same people would have been begging for him to make a joke about killing Russians.

Not only does every Hollywood movie pass a Pentagon censor test it also celebrates personal acts of violence like Will Smith’s slap heard around the world. Every time a plot escalates in Hollywood the hero throws a punch on the other man who has gone too far. We clap. But that’s the tame version. Most of the time these films are explicit propaganda for the military-industrial complex.

I’m not trying to cancel Hollywood either. I find propaganda informative and amusing. It’s often more rewarding than the comedians themselves. This was why we shouldn’t have canceled RT. Of course, to go to RT for Russian news would be for the laughs. But to go to RT for news about the suppression (cancellation?) of American leftists on the ground there were few more well-funded sources for real reporting.

My main point here is that the entire country has war fever. This is toxic masculinity. A man defending his wife in this day and age is seen as naive in our postmodern dystopia. Oh you actually love your wife? No, no, no. Focus on self-care, advancing your career, hiding your emotions, learn about the world not your neighbors, etc., etc.

But dig deeper still and we find that the beef between Chris Rock and the Smiths goes back to Rock engaging in identity politics and hosting the Oscars rather than boycotting (canceling?) the racist awards back in 2016. The Smiths were leaders in the walkout by people of color and Rock wanted his own career to move forward, seeing this as an opportunity for his identity group as a whole.

But this wasn’t only about the pornographic racism of “Black on Black” crime that get the liberals rock hard. It was also because Will Smith is seen as a pussy by these people accusing him of toxic masculinity because he allows his wife have sex with other men and still loves her. If a man has affairs he is a real man. If a woman has affairs her man is not a real man. Women cannot have sexual agency even (especially?) in the age of corporate imperialist feminism.

Being a cuckold is a sign of maturity. This country is filled with men who hate women who won’t have sex with them and a society that bullies and demeans men who don’t have sex. As a result we look abroad for our masculine valor to be fulfilled. Putin, as the man we want to have, Zelenskyy, as the man we have to want. Women die one way. Men die another. Gender is reaffirmed. Order in disorder for a decaying society.

Fools quote William Shakespeare in regards to Will Smith the cuckold. However, Shakespeare would be proud of Will Smith, before the slap, for Shakespeare saw male jealousy as the disease plaguing society, not promiscuous wives. If anything Shakespeare demonstrated that wives weren’t promiscuous enough and society was becoming more rigid in its structure, with the social unraveling we see today beginning as industry organized and consolidated its monopoly on violence.

I remember hiding behind what I thought was manhood when a cuckold and his dominatrix girlfriend approached me for a three-way. Whenever I am offered such an opportunity (once) I like to call such a request a Nicki Minaj. I was right to say no, because I wasn’t ready for the radical love these two possessed.

At the time I also thought I was right to say no. Yet I thought so for the wrong reasons. I thought I was more of a man than the man who let his woman whip and cuckold him. However, he was happier than I was and likely still is. He was secure in his masculinity and his personhood and he’s better for it. Such relationships can exist with the reverse gender dynamic too, or completely different gender dynamics.

In war and in love we judge only what we cannot understand. Our judgment proves only our own ignorance and it is a slap in the face to the multiculturalism the elites claim to represent. Their global attitudes are only to many forms of extraction and exploitation and to one kind of person: the slave. Such systematic violence in real life clouds us from seeing clearly the love of ordinary human beings. All love is framed as violence and all violence is framed as an act of love.

I’m not saying that Will Smith is without jealousy. Slapping others is not a sign of a healthy mind. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from him. If we choose to cancel every man who doesn’t seek to control his wife we will be left with the cowardly society we have where the whole country cheers for a war it refuses to fight.

Nick Pemberton writes and works from Saint Paul, Minnesota. He loves to receive feedback at pemberton.nick@gmail.com