December 2021

Reflecting on the Dawn of Everything

Censorship, the Myth of Free Data and the False Solutions on the Table

Facing the Facts About Gun Violence in the U.S.

Democrats and the Wolf Slaughter

The Politics of Moral Outrage

The Curious Case of Jack Evans

Canada, the Bad Neighbor

The IMF and Special Drawing Rights: Saving Lives, Backlash and Attempted Coup, and Structural Reform

The Rightwing Anti-Immigrant Machine, from Belarus to the United States

Prison Gerrymandering: the Modern Three-Fifths Compromise

How Oregon Is Turning the Page on America’s Disastrous Drug War

Greed is Prolonging the Pandemic

American Express Goes on a Buying Spree in Argentina’s Congress

Omicron Can be Blamed on Patent Monopolies

If You Truly Love America, You’ll Tear it Down

Prohibition Revisited

Criminal Justice Reform Needs to Catch Up With the Meaning of “Public”

Time to Fight Climate Change, Not Each Other

Columbia’s Student Workers Fight for a Fair Contract

Ramones – Live At The Rainbow – December 31, 1977

What’s Driving Inflation? Corporate Greed

Bach’s Knocks

Libre Party and Presidential Candidate Xiomara Castro Win Big in Honduras Elections

5G Cell Towers: How the Game is Played

Wall Street Has Deployed a Dirty Tricks Playbook Against Whistleblowers for Decades, Now the Secrets Are Spilling Out

The Redwood Coast: Dispatches From a Forest in Distress

Noam Chomsky Says We Have no Right to Gamble with the Lives of Climate-Vulnerable People: Video

In Fighting COVID-19, Intellectual Property, Not Antitrust, is the Real Problem

Reflections On Palestine Day by a Former Israeli Refusenik

The “Graveyard Shift” in a Pandemic World

Project UATX: New Universities, Old Problems

The Political Reality of Critical Race Theory

“The Viral Underclass”

Harvard Tells Us Young Americans are Increasingly Hopeful . . . Really?

COVID Europa: the Fourth Wave

The “Brigands” Regroup in Basilicata: Italians Rise Up Against New Nuclear Dump

Tax Consequences of Bezos Donating $100 Million and Musk Selling Stock Worth $5 Billion

Cracking Down on Corporate Recidivists

The Benefits of Supporting a Lie                                    

Guns and Racism in America

Too Much Hate in the USA

Luxury, Propaganda and Books in the Middle East

Goading China Into a War

Patent Monopolies and High Prices are Not Necessary for New Drugs