December 2021

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Killing the Messenger

Concern Over Biden’s Choice to Head Federal Wildlife Agency

Why the Internet Itself is a Major Environmental Problem

Don’t Blame Benefits for Inflation, Blame the Global Economy

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How the Native American Population in the US Increased 87% Says More About Whiteness Than About Demographics

Family Policies in the Build Back Better Act Would Reduce Burdens on Families and Provide a Better Buffer to Economic Instability

Key Body Demands Complete Ban on Glyphosate in India


On Inflation and Retail Sales

Tornadoes and Climate Change: What a Warming World Means for Deadly Twisters and the Type of Storms that Spawn Them

UC Union Movement Grows

Shoveling Snow, Mowing Lawns

Gig Workers are in the Driver’s Seat in Europe. Is There Hope for the US?

Biden Administration Defends Trump-Era Climate Analysis of Gulf of Mexico Offshore Lease Sale; Refuses to Reject Bids to Conduct Proper GHG Assessment

Cuba Defeats Covid-19 with Learning, Science, and Unity

The Supreme Court, Abortion, and the New Dred Scott

Breaking-Up Big Tech: Will History Repeat Itself?

Censoring Texas History

Make No Mistake: Hydrogen = Fracking

Jailing Former Immigration Ministers: Denmark’s Inger Støjberg

A Show About Nothing and The End of History

Whales Could Save the World’s Climate, Unless the Military Destroys Them First

We Need a Coordinated Global Response to the Pandemic

Nuclear Energy Can­not Meaningfully Contribute to a Climate-Neutral Energy System

No, President Biden, We’re Not Your “Customers”

A Last-Ditch Effort to Eliminate a Tax Dodge for the Super-Rich

The 99-Year-Old Grandmother Effect: How to View Fuel Reductions on the Bootleg Fire

Boris Johnson: “It’s My Party, and I’ll Cry If I Want to, Lie If I Want To”

Revolutionary Reconstitution or Common Ruin

Kyle Rittenhouse and the Hierarchies of Rights and Fire

Will We See Deflation in the Next 12 Months?

America Besieged

The Working Class is Not Voting Against Its Interests

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