Our Favorite Groups and Causes, 2021 Edition


+peace is a campaign platform and movement incubator harnessing the power of cultural and narrative strategies in order to make peacebuilding known, accessible, and actionable.


UAINE is a Native-led organization of Native people and our supporters who fight back against racism and for the freedom of Leonard Peltier and other political prisoners. We support Indigenous struggles, not only in New England but throughout the Americas.

Basin and Range

A major focus for us currently is the push by federal and state agencies to open up undisturbed habitat and public lands in our region to energy development. Our goal is to identify the problems of energy sprawl and find solutions that will preserve our natural ecosystems and open spaces. We specialize in ground-truthing proposed project sites and reporting our findings to the public so that everyone is well-informed about how to comment during agency review periods. We pioneered citizen science monitoring of energy projects in the desert. We support energy efficiency, better rooftop solar policy, and distributed generation/storage alternatives, as well as planning for wise energy and land use following the principles of science and conservation biology.

Israeli Committee Against Housing Demolitions

ICAHD is and strives to be an actor in the political process of ending Israeli violations of international law. When ICAHD was first established in 1997, we spoke of ending the Occupation. However, over time it became clear that this was not a conflict; there were never two equal parties. Now we refer to ending Israel’s apartheid policies and the settler colonial goal that the state of Israel has over the Palestinian people. ICAHD has always called for there to be a just resolution to this issue. For a few years we referred to a two-state solution however with each year that passed, and with growing understanding of Israel’s Matrix of Control over the Palestinian people we could see that the only just way forward is for there to be a one democratic state over all of historic Palestine. With mobilization now happening amongst Palestinians who are calling for one state, we as critical Jews are able to stand with them as together, we go forward.

Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders Legal Fund

Following the brutal and militarized raids on Gidimt’en Territory on November 18th and 19th, 2021, legal defense funds are once again needed to support Land Defenders and supporters facing charges, as well as the ongoing costs of camp.

Sleydo’ Molly Wickham, Chief Woos’ daughter Jocey, 2 members of the media, and other Indigenous land defenders were among the 32 people arrested at Coyote Camp and Gidimt’en Checkpoint during the two-day siege. A convoy of dozens of RCMP officers escorting Coastal GasLink workers and heavy equipment, raided Coyote Camp, violently removing Wet’suwet’en people from their own lands. Those people need support now.

Alliance for Wild the Rockies

Alliance for the Wild Rockies (AWR) was formed in 1988 to meet the challenge of saving the Northern Rockies Bioregion from habitat destruction. We are thousands of individuals, business owners, and organizations taking a bioregional approach to protect and restore this great region.

Our mission is to secure the ecological integrity of the Wild Rockies Bioregion through citizen empowerment and the application of conservation biology, sustainable economic models and environmental law.

Prison Radio

We are an independent multimedia production studio producing content for radio, television, and films for 30 years and distributing throughout the world. We stream our high-quality audio material to media outlets and the general public in order to add the voices of people most impacted by the prison industrial complex. This takes on a special urgency during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the national focus on the damage done by the police and prison structures across the nation.

Mendocino Trail Stewards

California’s largest publicly-held forest is a key to our climate’s future. The second-growth redwood forest ecosystem has been proven to be the most effective carbon-sequestering ecotype in the world. The State of California owns more of it than any other entity in the world, and it is being managed as industrial timberland, with no protection under current law whatsoever. We assert that this forest is #worthmorestanding.

Trans Justice Funding Project

Trans Justice Funding Project is a community-led funding initiative founded in 2012 to support grassroots, trans justice groups run by and for trans people. We make grants annually by bringing together a panel of six trans-justice activists from around the country to carefully review every application we receive. We center the leadership of trans people organizing around their experiences with racism, economic injustice, transmisogyny, ableism, immigration, incarceration, and other intersecting oppressions.

Beyond the Bomb

Beyond the Bomb is a people-powered campaign working to free our planet from nuclear violence.

Our activists work to build power every day on the local, state, and national levels to prevent nuclear war and put an end to the exploitative and morally bankrupt system that supports these horrific weapons.

Labor / Community Strategy Center

Founded in 1989 and based in Los Angeles, our campaigns, projects, and publications are rooted in working class communities of color, and address the totality of urban life with a particular focus on civil rights, environmental justice, public health, global warming, and the criminal legal system

POWHR Coalition

Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights (POWHR) is an interstate coalition representing individuals and groups from counties in Virginia and West Virginia dedicated to protecting the water, local ecology, heritage, land rights, human rights of individuals, communities and regions from harms caused by the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. POWHR members and organizations support the concept and development of and participation in a strong interstate coalition of local citizen groups that coordinate, conduct, and sponsor research on the impacts of fossil fuel infrastructure development in the Appalachian region. POWHR members further promote the preservation of the biodiversity, historical landmarks, cultural attachments, pristine waters, air quality, geologic integrity, property rights, and the optimal wellness and prosperity of all residents living in the region.

The Red Nation

The Red Nation is dedicated to the liberation of Native peoples from capitalism and colonialism. We center Native political agendas and struggles through direct action, advocacy, mobilization, and education.

Civil Liberties Defense Center

The Civil Liberties Defense Center supports movements that seek to dismantle the political and economic structures at the root of social inequality and environmental destruction. We provide litigation, education, legal and strategic resources to strengthen and embolden their success.

Farmworker Justice

Farmworker Justice helps farmworkers and their organizations improve wages and working conditions and immigration policy. Our agricultural labor system is unsustainable and unfair to farmworkers and their families. The nation’s immigration system is broken. Labor laws discriminate against farmworkers and are not enforced effectively. Many agricultural employers engage in illegal or deficient labor practices. The resulting labor force turnover means that more than half of the approximately 2.4 million farmworkers are undocumented and marginalized.

Witness to Innocence

Witness to Innocence is an organization of, by, and for death row exonerees. Our mission is to empower exonerated death row survivors to be the most powerful and effective voice in the fight to end the death penalty in the United States. Through public speaking, testifying in state legislatures, and media interviews, our members expose the reality that innocent people are sentenced to death.

Progressive International

Progressive International takes up that call. We unite, organize, and mobilize progressive forces behind a shared vision of a world transformed.

Coalición de Derechos Humanos

Derechos Humanos is a grassroots organization that promotes the human and civil rights of all migrants regardless of their immigration status. Consequently, we fight the militarization of our southern border home and combat the discrimination and human rights abuses of both our citizen and non-citizen brothers and sisters.

People Helping People

People Helping People in the Border Zone (PHP) was founded in 2012. We are an all-volunteer community organization.  We work together for the protection of human life, regardless of immigration status. We organize to stop Border Patrol abuse and the militarization of the borderlands.