December 2021

J. Edgar Hoover’s Legacy: Spying On Democracy

JFK Revisited: Oliver Stone and the New JFK Fact Pattern

Roaming Charges: When the Old Anomaly Became the New Normal–2021, the Year in Climate

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2021 Latin America and the Caribbean in Review: The Pink Tide Rises Again

Remembering My Time With Bishop Tutu

Bright Green Lies Torpedoes Greens

The Tutor

British Colonialism and How India and Pakistan Lost Freedom

A Shuffling of the Cards in Germany

Intrepid Trips, Indeed

Macedonian Ramble: Hell’s Foundations at Galliopoli

How A Boy Called Christmas Converted Me to the Politics of Greed

Ideological Struggle: Language in the Era of COVID-19

On Manhood and Vaccines

Movement Music After the Movement Fades: Reflections on Phil Ochs

Looking Up From Don’t Look Up: Adam McKay and End Times

Bells Tolling for Russian Memory

A Prescription for Resistance to the Bully of Christmas: Make Art

Who Will Guard the Guardians?

Creativity in Nonviolent Resistance

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Democracy with United States Characteristics

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Go Bonobos in 2022

Thoughts on “Don’t Look Up”

Mobbing Logic

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