November 2021

On the Defense Spending Bill

The Last Progressive: Biden and Illusions of “Normalcy”

How NYC Taxi Drivers Took on Predatory Lenders and Won

American Fascism on Trial in Kenosha

Trump Could be Re-Elected in the 2024, Yet Democrats are Still Obsessing Over the Steele Dossier

China and Solutions to Climate Change

“We Will Be Kicked Out and No One Will Care”

Dave Chapelle Should Read Adolph Reed Jr.

Glasgow’s “Conference of the Polluters” Again Confirms that Global Arson Needs Local Fire Extinguishers

Nicaragua Has a Public Relations Problem, Not a Democracy Problem

The People vs. COP26: Time for Politicians, Billionaires to Listen 

Lying in Public Life: The Scott Morrison Formula

The Trucker Shortage: Why Don’t We Let the Market Work?

Why Biden Should Legalize Marijuana Right Now

The FDA’s Lax Oversight of Research in Developing Countries can do Harm to Vulnerable Participants

Chief Keef Changed the Music Industry: It’s Time He Gets the Credit He Deserves

Why Some Polluter’s Victims Hate Enviros More Than Polluters

Build Bikes, Not Walls: a Reflection on Open Borders

Why Are Moderna’s Billionaires Airbrushing Scientists Out of the Vaccine Patent Picture?

Why is the U.S. Fueling the November 15 Cuba Protests?

The Woody Biomass Blunder

Novel Appeal Filed with the European Court of Human Rights in Nuclear Weapons Protest Case

The Media Discovers Real Wages

New Book Shines Ways to Rebound Our Historic Postal Service

Setting the Record Straight About Citizens’ Rights

Wall Street Is Not Only Rigging Markets, It’s Also Rigging the Outcome of its Private Trials

European Green Deal: a Step Forward, Backward or Sideways?

What Are the Prospects For Peace? An Interview With Lee Camp

At General Assembly, OAS Role in Bolivia Coup Remains Major Concern

Ning-Nong Diplomacy, China and Paul Keating

The Rittenhouse Trial and Two Sides in Contention: A Beautiful Rising or Rising Fascism

The Politics of Crypto

Stately Deception: Obama at COP26

If You Don’t Give People a Reason to Vote, They Won’t

Do Not Underestimate Evangelical Politicians In Latin America

Roaming Charges: Split Identity Politics

Let the Sun Shine: Making Solar Power Work

Will You Help?

Facing Climate Collapse at the Eleventh Hour

A Dystopian Hellscape Beckons: 21 Dark Clouds Over 2021 Amerika

The Forty Years War: Tariq Ali and Afghanistan

Bill Gates Should Know Better: How the Israeli Occupation Ravages the Environment in Palestine 

Getting High on Inflation

Climate of Delusion

Let’s Just be Honest and Call November 11 Forgetting Day

Do We Really Want Another FDR?

Biden and Congress Agree: Build Back Bombs Better

Germany’s Neo-Nazi Death Squad: NSU and NSU 2.0

Housing and the Homeless in Berkeley

The Politics of Water