November 2021

Five Crises of Capitalism: The Challenges Facing the Left Today

The Counterrevolution of Kyle Rittenhouse

The Dreaded Rainforest Shift

In the Interest of Mezcal

The Establishment Panic at Cryptocurrency

Empire Can’t be Fixed, It Must be Dismantled

Ahmaud Arbery is Responsible for His Own Death

A Final Word or Two From the Wise Old Philosopher

The World Bank Can’t be Trusted to Stand Up to Big Fossil Fuel Companies

“Skimpflation”: the Latest Attempt to Hype Inflation Fears

The Real Cost of a Hamburger

Why Moderna Refuses to Share Rights to the COVID-19 Vaccine With the Government That Paid for Its Development

Protest in Cuba: Why it Failed

Asset Master Class: Art ‘Appreciation,’ Billionaire-Style

A Land Where Justice is a Game

Rittenhouse Reflections: Eight “Upsides” and Eleven Forgotten Martyrs

Nearly 3/4 of the World’s Dictators Receive US Weapons and Military Assistance

Rittenhouse Verdict Flies in the Face of Legal Standards for Self-Defense

On the Hook: War, Factory Farming, & the Lies We Tell to Make Them Possible

To Keep Fossil Carbon Out of the Air, Just Stop Pulling It Out of the Earth

Ruralist Lament: COP Out 26

The Corporate Demolition of Our Pillars of Freedom

No Surprise With the Rittenhouse Acquittal

National Defense and Dead Children

Britain’s Two Job Politicians

Audubon Society Promotes Livestock Industry Propaganda

Former US Ambassador to Viet Nam Chooses Expediency Over Integrity Time and Again

Cuba’s Post-Revolution Architecture Offers a Blueprint for How to Build More With Less

CIA, MKULTRA and the Cover-up of U.S. Germ Warfare in the Korean War

When the Democrats Ran the Culture Wars

Imperialism, Satire, and the World of Dune

Roaming Charges: Muzak for the Cancer Ward

The Streets of New Orleans

Still Searching for Justice in Oklahoma

An Addictionary of Violence

COP26: What You’d Expect When Oil Companies Are in and Environmentalists Are Out

Charlie Brown, Michael Moore, and Insurrection

Anti-Vaxxers Go Berserk

The Military-Industrial Complex Needs Perpetual Confrontation

COP26: Greenwashing, Plutocratic Misadventures — and the Possibilities of Radical Transformation

To Govern the Globe: Washington’s World Order and Catastrophic Climate Change

The Dead End of Public Transit for Profit

Why Our Climate Isn’t Jumping for Joy After COP26

Digging for Peace: Resisting Nuclear Weapons

Brazil, Amazon, World: West Papua’s Green State Vision, an Appeal to Lula

From Empire to Regional Communities: the Democratic Vision of William Appleman Williams

Take a Deep Breath Before the Big Plunge

From Pegasus to Blue Wolf: How Israel’s ‘Security’ Experiment in Palestine Became Global

Native Americans Need to Be Included in Annual Census Reports on Income and Poverty

If You Think the Pushback Against Vaccine Mandates is Unhinged, Wait for the Climate Mandates