November 2021

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Which Immigration Story Will Prevail?

What Are The Prospects For Peace? An Interview with Finian Cunningham

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Reclaiming a Lost Sense of Community

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The Big Industry That COP26 Failed to Tackle

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Supreme Court Could Redefine When a Fetus Becomes a Person, Upholding Abortion Limits While Preserving the Privacy Right Under Roe v. Wade

A Rock and a Hard Place in India

Temporary Relief for Millions of Essential Immigrant Workers Could Become a Reality

Contested Lands

Oregon’s Senator Merkley Buys Into the Myths About Forest “Thinning”

How to Fuck the Police in a Post Defund Era

Cancel Hierarchy

Not “Just Like Others;” the Anti-fascist Use of Fascination 

Pass This

Dialogue of the Deaf: Debating Ted Koppel on Communism

The Problem of Sanctions Against North Korea

Killer Apes and Global Ecocide

The First Thanksgiving is a Key Chapter in America’s Origin Story, But What Happened in Virginia Four Months Later Mattered Much More

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Consumers Getting Hosed at the Pump Again

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Living on a Sci-Fi Planet

Electric Car Delusions

The Chilean Elections, 50 Years After How to Read Donald Duck

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The Anti-Pilgrim: The Life and Times of Thomas Morton

Let’s Talk Turkey: Glen Ford Carves Up the American Empire

Vigilantes on Parade: Rightwing Extremism and the Threat of National Implosion

Why There Are So Few Whistleblowers

Brexit, Encouraging European Companies to Move to the UK?

Raids, Arrests and Death Threats: Israel’s Strategy of Silencing Human Rights Defenders 

Why We Should Reject Mark Zuckerberg’s Dehumanizing Vision of a “Metaverse”

Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Respond to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Democrats: Giving Up on the White Working Class Would be Disastrous

The High Stakes of the U.S.-Russia Confrontation over Ukraine 

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Toward an Undiscovered Country

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