Eric Adams, Ethical Calamity 

New York City’s newest mayor, Eric Adams, has a tough job ahead. So let’s welcome him with a song. It’s called:

Eric Adams/Ethical Calamity

Eric Adams
(Eric Adams)

Ethical calamity
(Ethical calamity)

Isn’t it insanity?
(Isn’t it insanity?)

Ecological catastrophe
(Ecological catastrophe)

Like Ida and Sandy
(Like Ida and Sandy)

Coming again, soon
(Soon soon soon)

To a street near you
(To a street near you)

And what’ll you do?
(And what’ll you do?)


Eric Adams
(Eric Adams)

Ethical calamity
(Ethical calamity)

Appealing to your vanity
(Appealing to your vanity)

You wanna be the president
(You wanna be the president)

You could be a superstar
(You could be a superstar)

If you save East River Park
(If you save East River Park)

And remove the FDR
(And remove the FDR)

And remove the BQE
(And remove the BQE)

Remove the cars from city streets
(Remove the cars from city streets)

The skies could be pollution-free
(The skies could be pollution-free)

Remove the guns from the police
(Remove the guns from the police)

And prisoners and debts released
(And prisoners and debts released)

Help bring about a world of peace
(Help bring about a world of peace)

Yeah yeah yeah
(Yeah yeah yeah)


Remember Sandy?
(Remember Sandy?)

Remember Ida?
(Remember Ida?)

Don’t you think we
(Don’t you think we)

Oughta try to
(Oughta try to)

Do something new?
(Something new)



Elliot Sperber is a writer, attorney, and adjunct professor. He lives in New York City and can be reached at and on twitter @elliot_sperber