November 2021

Vijay Prashad on the strange origins of the term “tankie”

Two Trials: Slave Patrol Racism in Georgia and Racist Neofascism in Kenosha

What’s That Surtax Doing in the Build Back Better Bill?

The Crisis of Being a Man: Is It Really That Bad?

Biden’s Imaginary Leftism Is Not Why The Media Hates Him

Foreseeable Risk: Omicron Makes its Viral Debut

Strange New World, Same Old Blues

It is 2023 and the GOP Cult is in Full Control of Our Government

Thousands of Vulnerable People Harmed by Facebook and Instagram are Lost in Meta’s “Average User” Data

Sudan is Backsliding Dangerously

Another Look at Christopher Hitchens? Why Ben Burgis, Why?

Problems With Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act

Uncontacted Tribe’s Land Invaded and Destroyed for Beef Production

Fishery Biologist: Delta Smelt are Likely “Virtually Extinct in the Wild”

Cornel West Moments of Interruption

India’s Farmers Win on Many Fronts, Media Fails on All

Now He Tells Us: David Brooks Suggests That the Republican Party Has Embraced Fascism

What’s at Stake at WTO

In An Even Marginally Healthy Society

We Do Exist: Why the Palestinian Voice Should Take Center Stage

Off to the Solomon Islands: Australia’s Civilizers Get Busy

The Political Marriage of Todd Gitlin and Bill Kristol

The NRA Could be Winning its Long Game Even as it Appears to be in Dire Straits

Sen. Tester’s Wilderness Act Doesn’t Go Far Enough

The White Supremacy Lie

Not “A Nation of Immigrants”

A Film for Our Time

Roaming Charges: Fear is a (White) Man’s Best Friend

Big Oil’s Big Lie About Who Caused the Climate Collapse

Mystery Meat Congress; Clueless Mainstream Press

The Indian Farmers Defend the Rights of Farmers Everywhere

The Media’s War Against Biden on Inflation

A Food for Thought Thanksgiving Weekend Side Dish

Death in Texas

The Delusional Commitment to the Doctrine of “Full Spectrum Dominance” is leading the U.S. and the World to Disaster

Congress Forces Weapons Spending the Pentagon Wanted Cancelled

Elitism is Not the Answer to Populism: On ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ and Mistrust in Government 

Malcolm at the Audubon Ballroom

Ethiopia Conflict by US Design

Not a Border Crisis: Harsha Walia on Why It’s Time for a New Political Project

Cuba: Five Years After Fidel

Malcolm at the Audubon Ballroom

US History and its Ugly Truth

Totalitarian Cyber-Creep: Mark Zuckerberg in the Metaverse

Goodbye Shuffle

Murdoch and the IPA Politicise Freedom in Battlelines for Next Year’s Elections

Social Theory in the Age of Catastrophes: Engaging Seyla Benhabib

The Lesson Moby-Dick Has for a Warming World

Spotty Data and Media Bias Delay Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

Everybody Knows: Corruption in America – A Book Review