The Lord’s Instrument

I was shocked to see that Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, a self-professed man of God, has had such a spectacular fall from Grace. I’m sure we all remember when he completely blew off Jesus’ admonition to turn the other cheek when he body-slammed that reporter. That should have been the first clue. But this latest revelation of his conduct is even more disturbing.

The good governor is fond of invoking Noah as an avatar of the Protestant work ethic because Noah was 400 years old when he built the ark. But Gianforte completely ignores the mission God sent Noah on in the first place: saving species. Noah was the Lord’s instrument to enforce the Endangered Species Act. Presumably, two of those animals Noah loaded onto the ark were wolves. (If wolves didn’t get here via the ark, how else did it happen? The oft-discredited Theory of Evolution is the only other explanation. No self-respecting Christian would accept that.) The governor’s subsequent brutal killing of one of God’s chosen creatures, and then his signing the death warrant for hundreds of others really calls into question his ability to portray himself as a Christian. One can only wonder what God thinks of the people of Montana for putting such a heretic in a position of power. Can locusts be far behind?

Or is Greg Gianforte just another Mammon worshiping phony Christian?

Pete Bengeyfield lives in Dillon, Montana.