August 2021

Kurt Vile – Run Run Run

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How Animal Rights, Once a Progressive Stepchild, Became a Movement 

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Stadio Olimpico: Can Sports Heal the World?

Reflections on a Double Standard: the Right Absurdly Calls Democrats Socialists, but Liberals Can’t Correctly Call the Right Fascist

Save a Space for Lou Proyect, Rebel Against the Status Quo

New Report on Human Rights Violations in Bolivia in 2019 Sheds Light on the Role of the OAS

Could California End Up With a Trump-Like Governor?

Humiliating Defeat in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: The ‘Big’ Media’s Question Today is Wrong and Dangerous

A Message to the EU: Address the Spiralling Public Health Crisis by Banning Glyphosate

The Battle to Protect State-Owned Lands

Biden’s Folly

Noam Chomsky on Afghanistan (Post-9/11)

Where Are They? The Disappeared: When Remembering is a Political Act of Resistance

Robert M. Gates: Poster Child for Bureaucratic Deceit

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Who Wins Germany’s Election Next Month?

Saving Democracy by Destroying It

A Beacon Rises from Capitol Hill

The Two-Faced Nature of Our Communities

It’s Time for the US to Reassess Its Relationship With Israel

‘Blood for Blood’: On Jenin and Israel’s Fear of an Armed Palestinian Rebellion

Let’s Take the Profit Out of Wars

Byrd v. Babbitt: Beliefs and Expectations, Reasonable and Unreasonable

Our “Trillion-Dollar Seven”: Can We Summon the Courage to Tax Them?

Fighting to Protect the Grizzlies of the Cabinet-Yaak Region isn’t “frivolous”

The International Community Must be on Alert to Defend Peru

Louis Proyect: a Fierce and Uncompromising Spirit

A Few Words on The Unrepentant Marxist, Louis Proyect

The Dollar General Theory of Money and Employment

The Earth Burns and the Free Market Won’t Save Us

I, Ken Loach

The American Fool: How Provincialism, Arrogance, and Greed Make American Foreign Policy an Exercise in Idiocy

Roaming Charges: Hour of the Goat

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What are the Prospects For Peace: an Interview With Noam Chomsky

Things Have Changed

Afghanistan Redux: Malala Yousafzai, White Feminism and Saving Afghan Women

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Drought Clobbers the World

Covid Strikes Back

Crucial Points in the Pandemic Origin Debate

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The SEC is Allowing 5-Count Felon JPMorgan Chase to Trade Its Own Bank Stock in its Own Dark Pools

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