June 2021

The Coup That is Taking Place in Peru

The Truth About the California Water Crisis

Britain is a Parasite on Other Countries

It’s All about Racism: White reaction to the ‘Emergency Relief for Farmers of Color Act’

Cold Wars and the Final Struggle for World Domination

Astounding Victory in Peru of Socialist Candidate for President

The Trillion Dollar War: the Economics of Overextension

When Academics Take the Side of State Power

Income Tax Disclosure Ought to be the Law of the Land, Not a Criminal Offense

How Democrats and Progressives Undermined the Potential of the Biden-Putin Summit

Solidarity with Resistance to Extraction

The Pentagon’s Untouchable Budget

Reporters Do a Better Job When They Do NOT Ignore Civic Groups

During Newsom’s Governorship, Oil and Gas Industry Diverted 3 Billion Gallons of Freshwater for Drilling That Could Have Gone to Households

An Analysis of China’s Borderland History Offers a Left Case for the Uyghurs

Power at Any Cost: How Opportunistic Mansour Abbas Joined Hands with Avowed ‘Arab Killers’

May CPI Puts Inflation Hawks in Feeding Frenzy

Expurgated History, Or What Happens When You Have a Teachable Moment but They Cut Your Mic

Cowpies and Potshards: How Arizona’s Archaeological Sites are Being Trashed by Cattle Grazing

Six Love, Naomi Osaka: Defying Capitalist Decadence in Sport

There Is No Labor Shortage, Only Labor Exploitation

Less Freedom, More Money: Tony Blair’s Vaccine Passport

Wall Street’s $3 Billion Political Investment is a Bargain

Why Fox News Claims ‘They’ are Destroying ‘White Culture’

Protecting Borders, Not Life

The CIA and the Israeli Left

We Canceled Keystone: Now it’s Time to Stop the Line 3 Pipeline

Thinking About Race, Class, Gender, and Identity from a Revolutionary Perspective

In the Crosswind

Biden’s Broken Promises Spell Hard Times Ahead

Black, Brown, and White: Thoughts on Psychoanalysis, the Blues, and Marginality

Colombia, Between Extermination and Emancipation

Roaming Charges: Biden’s House Has Many Manchins

A Wide World of War Porn (Or How I Accidentally Amassed an Encyclopedia of Atrocities)

Neoliberalism and the Problem of Neoliberal Politics

We are So Not Out of the Woods, and We Might Want to Take Our Heads out of the Sand

Militarized Police: A Consequence of the War on Drugs

Toxic Chemicals Engulf the Planet

On the Politics of Victory and Defeat: How Gaza Dethroned the King of Israel

Arms Sales: What We Know About Bombs Being Dropped in Our Name

Latin America on the Cusp of Revolution

Automation of Space Warfare

The Super Rich are Different …They Don’t Pay Taxes

Rural Teacher Pedro Castillo Poised to Write a New Chapter in Peru’s History

Air Attack: Sound as Police Weapon

Cracks in the Republic: a Soft National Break-Up is Already Underway, Is a Hard One Coming?

Neoliberal New York Times Book Review Resurrects Has Been Black Pathology Hustler

The Coming Crash

A Cry of Hope in the Absence of Hope

No Matter What’s Happening in China, the West is Likely to be Surprised by It