June 2021

The Police Can’t Be Reformed

Power, Wealth, and Justice in the Time of Covid-19

Crackdowns in Washington Square Park, Then and Now

Remember to Forget the Alamo

Job Growth and Temporary Layoffs

Pull: a Tryptich

The Missing and the Dead in El Salvador

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Time to Stop Modernizing America’s Nukes and to Start Negotiating Peace

It’s the Iron Collar of the Corporate State Until the People Collar the Congress

The Real Danger of Israel’s New Government

The Conviction and Sentencing of Witness K

Liberal Media Propaganda Tells the World: America is First 

Building the World Back Better

Can We Conquer Our Grand Dynastic Family Fortunes?

The Law of Enlightenment

Congressperson’s Town Hall Disrupted by Angry Anti-Vaxxers

In Reply to Tim Cook’s “Speaking Up On Racism.”

Planet Earth is Heating Up Faster

Why the Neoliberal Drive to Privatize Everything Is Running Out of Gas

Necropolitics in the Amazon

The Rise and Fall of Netanyahu

Solidarity, Not Bourgeoisie Interests, Will Lead to Peace in Israel/Palestine

Wither Encryption: What Operation Trojan Shield Reveals

(Still)  In the Land o’ Cotton

Climate Crises Can Lead to Improved Social Cooperation and Economy

Making Juneteenth a Holiday Was the Easy Part, Will Real Justice Follow?

How America’s 50 Largest Inherited-Wealth Dynasties Accelerate Inequality

Afghanistan: Negotiations in Confusion, Press Suppressed

How Pro-Palestine Activists and Union Workers are Blocking Israeli Trade in Port Cities

Bad Data: Dancing Your Way To Digital Privacy

Capitalism Can’t Innovate on Ideas

Roaming Charges: False Summit

Anti-Critical Race Theory and Neo-McCarthyism

The 50 Trillion Dollar Question: What is Austerity?

Julian Assange Rots in Jail as U.S. Slaughters First Amendment

Angela Davis, America’s Best-Known Black Radical, Joins the Country’s Most Radical Union

That Little Power Elite Moment is Already Over

How the Federal Government Crushed Racist Organizing

Dear PETA, Israel’s Animal Rights Record is Anything but Praiseworthy

Is 20th Century Social Democracy Really the Best we Can Do?

Conflict in the Hinterlands: the Fragmented Geography of the Cold Civil War

On Trumpism and Netanyahu-ism: How Benjamin Netanyahu Won America and Lost Israel 

Get Me Water First

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Israel-Palestine: a New Chapter Begins

Saving the Grizzlies of Jackson Hole

My Father’s House

Biden, China and the New Cold War

Smashed Houses, Crushed Orchards: a Trail of Unrestrained Malice