Peter’s Prayer Poem Shout at the Vernal Equinox

I am a revolutionary, I do declare.
My planet makes revolution too around the sun.
We are revolutionaries – it, thee, and me!
Spring has sprung, hey ding a-ding!
I vow to use every breath I take until I’m done
To make the world over again, the kingdom come,
Only on behalf of my fellow creatures of the bio-sphere,
My brothers and my sisters, our fellow flora and our fellow fauna,
To take in the air without particulates,
To accept the sun’s vitamin D’s at comfortable temperatures,
To be nourished by unprivatized waters,
To stand straight up on unasphalted Mother Earth,
Or to just let her be in her own ways
So that, for example, the magnolia buds on Peter’s bare, brown street-scape,
May do their unstrange fruit thing, i.e., blossom and thrive,
So our own (we must admit!) cold, dark pusillanimity
In the face of the Fukushima for profit filthy lucre forces
May become overcome in the astronomical, universal, cosmic,
Down to earth circle of sun’s comfort-heat,
Sun’s shining dialectical reason-light,
And sun’s all mighty people’s-power
Against the white supremacist, capitalist, imperialist, patriarchy because
I am,
We are,
Revolutionaries, in red earnest who sweetly love the spring!
Hey ding a-ding and Amen!

Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Peter Linebaugh is the author of The London HangedThe Many-Headed Hydra: the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic (with Marcus Rediker) and Magna Carta Manifesto. Linebaugh’s latest book is Red Round Globe Hot Burning. He can be reached at: