February 2021

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Trump Impeachment and Swiss Burqa/Niqab Vote

Trump Should be Indicted

America’s Future: Trillionaire Trust Fund Babies?

Why Education Won’t Stop Conspiracy Theories

Organizing White Workers When the Klan is in the Shop

America I Can’t Breathe: the Extinction of Our Humanity Under Enlightened Liberalism

The Atrocious Prosecution of Julian Assange

Look at Pharma’s Recent Record Before Bestowing a Crown

Idiocy in Theory and Practice

Biden Offers Moderate Solutions to Radical Problems

‘Leaving Aside’ International Law: Why Democrats are as Dangerous as Republicans to a Just Peace in Palestine

A Framework to Defeat the White Power Movement: Organizing vs. Punditry, State Power, and How the Left Relates to the Police and Military

The Culture Wars Continue: Biden Takes on Abortion

The Legacy of Baek Ki Wan: a South Korean Icon for Democracy and Reunification

Roaming Charges: Notes From the Ice House

Limbaugh’s Legacy: Normalizing Hate for Profit


Britain’s Double Standards in International Affairs

Limbaugh and the Echoes of Hatred

New Profiles in Courage

Vulnerability in the Moment

The Global Cry for Change

Who Won the Impeachment?

How Will Our Children Know They Face a Crushing Debt Burden?

The 30 x 30 Protection Plan and the George Washington National Forest Ark

Indian Farmers’ Protest: A Strong Democratic Test?

The Nepal Street

The Usual Culprit

“Interesting” Times: Capitalism Kills Everything

Praetorius 400

The Human-Rightsization of the Anti-Imperialist Revolutionaries’ Massacre in Iran

How the Drug War Succeeded: Dr. Carl Hart Comes Out… Swinging

Right Back at You: Tribes Fight Back Against the Rightwing Assaults on Deb Haaland

“Let Them Eat Ice Cream”

Why Politicians and Doctors Keep Ignoring the Medical Research on Vitamin D and Covid

Sexual Assault in Canberra

George Shultz’s Character Study of Robert Gates

If It Were a Narco Lab, It Would be Working

The Failure of the Media in Responding to the Lying Right

Rising Inequality: the ‘Pre-Existing Condition’ That Doomed the U.S. COVID Response

Absurd Journalism: The Washington Post on California Wildfires

As Biden Returns “Civilization” to Washington, It’s More Obvious Than Ever That Capitalism Cannot Be Reformed

What is Digital Fascism?

Cuomo and Newsom Symbolize the Rot of Corporate Democrats and the Dire Need for Progressive Populism

Lawfare Threatens to Derail the Presidential Election in Ecuador

Limbaugh: the Crash of the Dirigible

Panther Gunfight at a Not-So-O.K. Corral

To Normalize US-Cuban Relations, Restore Working Embassies

The Arab Spring Failed But the Rage Against Misery and Injustice Continues

The Iran Deal: Biden and Blinken, Wynken and Blynken

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